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Save On Books Ways to Get Free Reads

by Alice C. Woodhouse
May 15, 2009
Books are integral part of our lives because "the road to knowledge begins with the turn of the page". We have our favorite books that touched our lives or helped us learn. In school, textbooks are the source from where our learning comes from. People who read for the pleasure of reading love books of every genre, from contemporary novels, non-fiction and autobiography, to thrillers and adventure stories, and classic literatures. Here are several tips on how to save on books:


1. Project Gutenberg is a huge resource of digitized works of the worldÂ's classic literature. Digitized because itÂ's is now in electronic format and you can read it on your computer or e-book ready handhelds. Most of the literature youÂ'll find there are the ones already in the public domain, and with around 28,000 items in their e-shelves, itÂ's impossible to run out of stories to read.

Project Gutenberg e-books are free to download, and are easy to read as they come in various formats that can be read on Adobe PDF Reader, in your Microsoft Word, Mobipocket Reader and more. Most books are in English but there are also other languages available.

2. Google Book Search has digitized about one million full text of books, not counting the other 7 million books scanned by 20,000 publishers involved in Google Book Search. All these texts were scanned by Google, costing them about $5 Million for this project alone. You can read the books online, enjoy user-friendly interface and best of all, itÂ's free!

Trade and Rent Books:

1. People who have discovered BooksFree has been all over with praises for the service. BooksFree claims that they are Â"the NetFlix for booksÂ". Why buy and pay the whole price for one book when you can rent them out? The best thing about BooksFree is that they have low monthly membership fee, and with it you start checking out multiple books. They ship them to you for a low price. And when youÂ're done, you just send them back with no shipping fee.

2. Bookmooch is one of the highest rated books-only trading site. The websiteÂ's interface is so easy to use that even newbies can easily get the hang of it minutes after registration! Bookmooch is an online book exchange community for booklovers everywhere in the world. The idea behind it is that users are to get books using a points system. By putting up your books available for others to grab, you earn points. When you send it to them, you earn points. When you provide feedback for the transaction, you earn more points! With all the points that you have, you can search the entire 74,000 members to search on around 500,000 book titles of your choice.

Free Books Under Your Nose:

1. Where else but the Library? ItÂ's free, the collections are updated regularly, and you donÂ't even have to worry anything about shipping and postal fees. Walk to your nearest library and show some love!

2. Network with all your bookworm friends and neighbors, family members, colleagues and classmates! You can exchange books or swap titles with them, so you can broaden each otherÂ's reading horizons

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Save On Books Ways to Get Free Reads




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