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Save and Have Fun Shopping in Thrift Stores

by Alice C. Woodhouse
May 12, 2009
Thrift stores have become the new destination for apparel and accessory, house ware, and electronics. No more malls, department stores and high-end boutiques, as they seem too impractical in these times where we need to put away money rather than spend it needlessly. Thrift stores have boomed as people are now trying to find better alternatives and cheaper prices for all their clothing and other items. Thrift stores have always offer second-hand but very usable items and wearable clothes (sometimes even new clothes) in their racks. If you don't mind wearing last season's fashion or ordinary clothing levels and prices for a tiny fraction of what they originally cost, then thrift stores are for you!

Don't feel bad if you feel down about having to buy at these kinds of stores, just remind yourself that you're doing this for a purpose. Department store clothes are pretty expensive, even if it's on sale, the price tag is not nearly as cheap as those from thrift stores. There are still great quality clothes out there for you, and you don't have to stretch your budget on clothes. You'd rather save it, or spend it on necessities. If you're not very used to wearing used clothing, then the first thing you should do is to change your idea of buying second-clothing. More often than not, those are the clothes discarded by owners when cleaning out the closet for clothes that they don't wear much. A thorough washing would do the trick in eliminating dirt. One trick is to put the clothes that you bought in a pail, pour hot water on it and after 5 minutes, you can wash it like you would wash ordinary clothes.

When shopping for items, there are so many thrift store available to cater to you. Often, these kinds of stores are clustered together in the same areas that you can find bargain marts, cheap supermarkets and consignment stores. Just like you would do when shopping at the mall, take time to find the right set of clothes for you. It can take a long while as clothes in thrift stores are just put on a rack or folded away on cabinets, without any semblance of being divided by brand, color or type; take time to look around various stores and see if there's anything you need or you fancy.

Though thrift stores are known for their extremely low prices, don't get carried away with spending. It pays to know what you need and stick to a list of the things you've come to buy. Most stores carry a wide array of home and kitchen ware, electronics, home furniture and appliances, yard equipments, books, clothes and others. With patience and a good eye, it's possible to find a great quality item. Buying in thrift stores is the practical way to go, so have fun and haggle!

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Save and Have Fun Shopping in Thrift Stores



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