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Reuse and Recyle Tips

by Alice C. Woodhouse
December 12, 2009
Among many moves to combat the severe damage that we have caused our planet, the campaign to reuse and recycle has steadily integrated in our daily lives. We see advertisements in TV, newspapers and the Internet that promote eco-friendly ways and means to live our daily lives and we start to realize our own mistakes and awaken a willingness to do our part

Packaging and Containers

Household items considered as trash can be reused and recycled to serve us for another day. All packaging and containers are one of the top-most easily reusable items. There are thousands upon thousands of cellophane and plastics that litter our streets, clog our sewers, and float around in our ocean. Do your part to lessen and start within your home. Use plastic bags until they rip apart from over-use. When you buy groceries, always collect the plastic bags and store them somewhere. There are many uses for used plastic bags, as some people carry them around when they¬'re out grocery shopping, so they can contain their purchases in it. You can also use it to store their beans, leftover oats and herbs that need refrigeration but no moisture.

The thin kind of cellophane is used to line our trash cans, that way we will be able to avoid the plastic trash can from getting dirty easy. It also makes taking the trash out more efficient as you don¬'t need to lug it around anymore, you just take out the cellophane with all the trash in it.

Another is we use these small cellophane bags as we walk our pets and they dirty up the streets.

The Ziploc bag is one of the essentials needed to store sandwiches, fruits and vegetables, cheese and other food. The best thing about this bag is that it is re-sealable, keeps your food dry and free from harmful germs. The Ziploc is really not for one-time use only, that¬'s why you can feel that the cellophane is thicker than most and the seal is, well, re-sealable. You can use them as you food containers for school and office, or inside your kitchen, too.

When a jar of pickles, a bottle of oil, or any other glass container is emptied, we reuse it as a container for our creams, used oil, container for peppers, basil and other herb, and if there¬'s a bigger glass container, we put in leftover salads or dessert there.

It¬'s really easy once you put your mind to it. It will surely be a part of your life, this step to reuse and recycle, and give our environment and Mother Nature out!

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Reuse and Recyle Tips




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