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by Ira Lanes
June 02, 2009
A rebate is an amount that you get back after you have paid or contributed already. Everyone loves rebates. This is especially true if the rebate is unexpected and comes as a pleasant surprise. You can use rebates to get more value for your dollar. You can also apply the rebates you get to your savings. Match up your purchase with coupon codes to take your money further and save more.

Rebates are used by marketers, retailers and merchants as incentives or supplements to product sales. They may be offered by the retailer or the manufacturer for a chosen product. The bigger stores often work with the manufacturer. Take care to check your rebates though. Some rebates are only available at certain locations.

You don't have to wait for some rebates. With instant rebates, you immediately enjoy the savings. Not all rebates can be enjoyed at once. Some require you to purchase a certain amount before you can get the rebate. Instant rebates provide immediate gratification to consumers. In this day and age where instant gratification is expected, that's a plus.

Most companies require you to pay full price upon purchase before you can claim the rebate. You can get your cash back in the mail. It depends on the rebate provider, such as the manufacturer, on how the offer is tailored. Since there are many manufacturers and retailers who offer rebates, always check how you will receive your rebate. You don't want to raise a ruckus over a missed rebate only to find out that their rebate policy is different from what you're used to.

You can also find printable rebates online. There are many sites that offer these rebates you can quickly take advantage of. If you want to save and save big, look around for coupon codes and then go back to Google and look for printable rebates you can use in conjunction with the coupon codes. This may be easier for you to do as you let your mouse do the clicking.

Instant rebates are far more preferable than main in rebates for most people. If you have a choice, go for an instant rebate. One advantage of an instant rebate is immediate savings. Most mail in rebates take time. You may have to wait anywhere from six to eight weeks for your cash back to come n the mail. That's a long time to wait.

With instant rebates, you no longer have to spend on postage to mail in the rebate form. Neither do you have to make a trip to the bank to deposit the check nor spend on gas to claim your free money.

Rebates can also get lost in the mail. This may make claiming your rebate a but more difficult. You may find yourself against a brick wall if when that happens.

If you want the rebates you have to find products that offer instant rebates if you would rather not wait. If you have patience, you can and should send in your rebate form. Wait a while and you should get your rebate.

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