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Raising Awareness on Household Energy Consumption

by Alice C. Woodhouse
April 19, 2009
It's a yearly ritual, how we scratch our heads as our electricity bill gets higher and higher with each passing year. We go around our house inspecting devices and electrical appliances to try to figure out where all that electricity is going. Most of the time we can't determine or pinpoint what are the electrical-guzzlers, only a vague idea that those big appliances are the culprit. But the problem is we just can't stop doing away with them. According to "Mr. Electricity" the five big energy users in the household are Air Conditioning , Heating, Electric Water Heater, Electric Clothes Dryer, Lighting and Refrigerator.

This may entail serious consideration on the head of the household, because it's not easy to just turn the appliances all off and never use them again. Let's face it, those appliances are just too essential in our daily lives. Though with a big effort on our part, there are a lot of ways to save on electricity even using those big energy users! Aside from common sense practices, you can research about your appliances and electrical fixtures so that you will become conscious of your consumption and habits and ultimately, to save on your electricity bills.

Here are a few tips to guide you by when it comes to energy conservation in your own house:

Air Conditioning - During summer when the worst of the heatwave settles in our country, we should be prepared. Don't put your A/C on its highest as it generally consumes more energy. What to do when summer is fast approaching and you don't want to suffer a heart attack from your bill is a simple ceiling fans and updated insulation. Use ceiling fans to cool the room. This is especially great when you've just turned your A/C off, as the fan lets the air circulate and the cool temperature remains for a longer period.

When drying clothes after washing them, why don't you opt to air-dry your clothes? Use a clothesline or a laundry rack instead of a dryer. Or if you need to get those clothes dry ASAP, then use a Spin Dryer. There are a lot of washing machines that have the spin-dry feature. It's great because it removes excess water. It saves you on your bill in comparison to the normal amount that your electric clothes dryer would.

Refrigerators are just absolutely essential. There's really nothing going around it, unless you like storing food in ice boxes? One important thing is to understand that old refrigerator models simply drain more energy that the new models out in the market. A 2001 model may seem sturdy and reliable even until now, but it's actually costing you more. There are experts that say refrigerators that were made before 2004 is less efficient when it comes to insulation and compression. Refrigerators manufactured today are more energy efficient: lesser energy consumption and at a lesser cost to your bill.

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Raising Awareness on Household Energy Consumption




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