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Save Money and Save Time with Quicker Ways to Do Household Chores

by Alice C. Woodhouse
June 18, 2009
Time is gold and time is money especially for those who don't have much of it. Homemakers have a huge responsibility to balance time and chores. Don't hire cleaners! Here are tips to help get it done faster:

1. The secret of doing household chores quickly is by equal division of labor. Mommy is not the only one responsible of cleaning up the mess inside the house! Make a clear and fair division of labor among the members of your family. Divide the chores by members, by days, or you can also opt to do shifting schedules so there's always tasks to do all throughout the day. Save time by combining all your efforts!

2. Even as young as six years old children can do light chores like wiping low cabinets or small tables and chairs, arrange toys, fluff the pillows, arrange shoes, clean under his/her bed and the like. To get your child to participate you can hide treats or coins to places you will ask your child to clean and get to keep the treats only when she is completely done with her chores. This will help you focus on bigger tasks while they do the little things.

3. If the thought of having to do the laundry, clean the bathroom, mow the lawn in one day make your bones

ache already, then why not choose the 'Thirty Minutes a Day' system? Do one to two hard to get done chores everyday for only thirty minutes. Set daily chores like window cleaning on Mondays, bathroom cleaning on Tuesdays, tending the grass on Wednesdays and so on. Spread difficult chores around the week instead of chunking them together at one time. This way you can have time for lots of bargain shopping later, or have more productive work time.

4. Let family members learn the golden rule of cleaning up after their mess. Those who make a mess must clean up after themselves, so they will learn to be responsible and realize that it's not easy cleaning up mess after mess. This is important for young children and teens, who seem to have a knack for leaving bowls unwashed, their beds unmade, or toys strewn all over the room.

5. If you're not in the mood for cleaning, then just do a little bit as you go along. Whenever you want to watch TV, why not fold some laundry as you do so? When you want to call a friend, drag the phone around while calling and pick up a little bit of the mess. A little cleaning here and there will also help in making the whole clean up later faster and easier.

6. Tidy the house before you go to bed, so you have more time to prepare as you leave for work in the morning, instead of sighing and feeling bad looking at all that mess. It's not a very welcome sight first thing as you start your day.

7. Learn the art of de-cluttering! It's important that you break down a huge mess, as it's almost next to impossible trying to clean that kind of mess. De-cluttering helps in lessening your own frustration too. Mess all around the house frustrates the mind out anyone, so try to break it down by prioritizing big messes and moving on to smaller ones.

Remember to take breaks often too! Sit down for a good 15 minutes or so, hydrate yourself with an icy-cool drink to keep your temperature balanced and relax your body on a soft sofa. Don't stress out too much, it's just a mess. It will probably come back in a day or so. It's not a good thing to waste all your energy cleaning up and feeling beat after a day's toil.

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Save Money and Save Time with Quicker Ways to Do Household Chores




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