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Prettify for Less Using Drugstore Cosmetic Brands

by Alice Woodhouse
March 30, 2010

Buying make-up can be pretty addicting to those who love them. I've known a lot of girls who are self-confessed shopaholics who, when in a beauty store, can't control their urge to reach out and buy at least three eyeshadow quads or a whole palette that they don't yet have, but don't have the budget for in the first place. It's not unheard of that these women can rack up more than $100 dollar for some pieces of cosmetics, especially when we hear that these are the women who would drop would drop $65 at a drop of a hat for a MAC Cosmetics Boudoir compact face powder, or a $30 for a Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Pur Pure Lipstick. Worst, these are the women who wouldn't be caught dead with coupons, too.

Beauty products are something that some women need everyday to primp and prettify themselves as they choose, but there's something to be said about a woman who has 50 different lipsticks or more blush palettes than one can use in a whole year. It's not bad to want make-up around for your convenience, but you really don't need 10 foundations in the same shade from different brands, right? Especially if the buying of these make-up are causing you to max your budget and credit cards in a short span of time because of the prices of your make-up collection.

There's a big difference between high-end cosmetics brand and the drugstore cosmetics. Though the two are popular, the high-end brands are generally considered far more superior than the latter. While some claim that brands from MAC Cosmetics or Guerlain Cosmetics have the best color-pay off and the most pigmented face make-up, there are still those who claim that cosmetics from drugstore brands like Maybelline and Revlon are equally as good, especially in their newly-released make-up line.

Shopping around at a drugstore can get you find the best deals. Start by going to the online store and use OverStockDrugstore coupon codes whenever you find something you need to buy something. Starting at the low-priced brands and making your way up to the higer-priced brands will save you money because when you've already purchased a color that you like from the low-priced brands, chances are you're going to be less likely to buy the same exact color albeit at a heftier pricetag.

BeautyNeeds coupon promos are also a great way to find cosmetics that can "multitask". For example, a tint that doesn't just serve the lips, but also the cheeks as well, which is amazing for on-the-go touch ups. You can also try to find eye shadows quads that have neutral tones and have a dark pigment that can be used for to darken and shape the eyebrows.

Getting comfortable with drugstore brands when you're so used to buying imported and pricey make up can take a little getting used to when it comes to adjustment. Finding alternatives from your roster of high-end cosmetics can be a little daunting at first, but your pockets will thank you greatly. Primping and prettifying should never be taking a chunk out of your allowance or salaries, and remember that not all pricey brands are worth it, and that you can find quality cosmetics for a fraction of their price.

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Prettify for Less Using Drugstore Cosmetic Brands



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