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Plan Your First Cruise Trip Without Spending Too Much

by Alyssa Miel
July 05, 2011
Cruising is a perfect vacation for everyone. Once you take a cruise, you will probably want to plan your next trip right after. If you are planning to take a cruise for the first time, here are some tips that will help you plan and enjoy your first trip:

Consult a travel agent. If you are booking a cruise for the first time, you might want to consider going to a local travel agent, call them from the cruise line or you can even contact them online. You will surely have a lot of question regarding your trip. It is best to choose a reputable traveling agency such as This website offers CruiseDirect coupon codes to their customers for them to gain advantage on various discounts and freebies. Ask the travel agent for the total cost will all the charges included.

Get travel insurance. Be sure to have travel insurance, it is worth the extra money. If you become ill and unable to take the cruise, you may reimburse the cost that you have already paid for your travel. If you don't have this, you could lose a lot of money.

Make sure that your passport is ready in case one is required. Most cruises will visit foreign ports and you will need a passport. If you don't have one, applying for a passport will take several months so it is best to apply as early as possible.

Choose an inside cabin. Inside cabins are the cheapest and often identical to the size of outside cabins. Most cabins are the same size regardless of what level they are on. The higher the cabin, the higher the price. Lower cabins and the ones closes to the middle of the ship, will less make you feel the motion.

Prepare for rocky seas. Take medication for sea sickness. You can also get a prescription for a patch or wear sea bands. The water can get rough and you want to be prepared. Eating green apples and taking ginger tea or candied ginger will also help to ease sea sickness. You may also get motion sickness medicine at a discount using coupons.

Pack lightly. Check how much luggage is allowed. Find out if there are formal nights on the cruise and just pack one set of dress up attire. Check for the acceptable dress for dinner and plan accordingly. You also might want to bring empty tote bag to pack your souvenirs. For a wide variety of luggage and travel bags that would fit for your trip, you may visit Luggage Online. They offer various discounts with the use of Luggage Online promo codes.

Choose to engage on free activities. Many activities on the ship have an extra charge. Attend the free trivia and other games and free lectures or demonstrations. Compete in contests, work out and the gym, go to the night shows. There are a lot of free activities that you can enjoy on the cruise.

Select dining included in the cruise. Take advantage of the dining include with the cruise. Restaurant specialties will charge extra but you can still get a wide selection of food at the regular dining rooms. Also remember that room service is available at all times for no extra fee.

Don't book shore excursions. You don't need it. Shore excursions are extremely costly. When you arrive at the port, there are taxis, buses or ferries within walking distance that will take you to beaches or shopping. I highly recommend this because you will have a chance to explore the beauty of the city that you are visiting. Take pictures and nourish each moment that you have on the place. Get the best quality of cameras and photos all at a discount with the use of B&H Photo discount codes. You may also purchase tours on the island which may be cheaper. Just be sure to track your time and arrive back at the ship leaves for the next port.

Be sure to bring extra money. You will likely shop for souvenirs so it is better to be prepared. The islands that you will visit usually have good deals on t-shirts and local crafts but be aware because sometimes local merchants tend to overprice their goods.

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Plan Your First Cruise Trip Without Spending Too Much



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