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Plan your party right with great invitations that don’t bust your budget.

by Marian Shepard
April 11, 2010
The difference between a good invitation and a great invitation is not always dictated by the price that a host spends on it - it's the thought that goes into it. Basically, an invitation is simply a piece of paper with the details of an upcoming event printed on it. But when done properly, it can be a work of art as well as a treasured memento of a very special day.

These days, the cost of hosting a party, be it for a wedding, an anniversary, a birthday, or some similar event, can be prohibitive, and people cut corners when they can. Many people choose to make their own invitations, either printing them out or handcrafting them. This is all well and good if you have the time to get out your art supplies, plan out the invitations, print out the details of the invitation, put the card together, and mail the finished product out to the recipients.

However, when one is pressed for time, it is more efficient to seek the help of a professional printer. It will cost a little more than making the invites yourself, but having someone print your invitations for you helps you save time and effort, and will allow you to have more of these resources to use elsewhere.

It doesn't have to be significantly more expensive, either. A lot of companies who make or print invitations and stationery have come into the habit of offering online coupons for their services. Some companies allow you to avail of a large discount with the coupon when you order over a certain number of invites, or if you order your invitations above a certain lead time, allowing the company to proceed with your order at leisure. Long story short, as long as you don't require a small number of invites right away, it pays to do some research on the Internet to find a provider that can give you uniquely creative, interesting invitations at an affordable price.

People easily overlook the importance that an invitation plays in hosting a good event or party. They forget that aside from informing attendees about the details of the party such as when and where it will be held, an invitation also serves as the very first impression that an a person gets about the event. If an invitation is crafted with obvious care, it shows that the organizer has taken great pains to make the party something enjoyable, and this makes a person look forward to attending it. By the same token, hastily-printed invites on low-quality paper make recipients feel as though they were attending a frat house party, and if it isn't the case, then that could be a problem.

Depending on the formality or complexity of the event, an invite should also supply other information, such as if there is any expected mode of attire, and if guests are expected to RSVP to the event.

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Plan your party right with great invitations that don’t bust your budget.



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