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Party Planning on a Budget

by Chris Green
August 26, 2009
Are you throwing a bash to celebrate something special but are afraid to do so because of the costs? If you put your mind to the test, you can still throw that party. Party planning on a budget requires a little time, a dash of patience and a pinch or two of creativity. You can host a fab party everyone will remember and still keep within your budget.

How much is your budget? ThatÂ's the first question you have to answer. Make your budget a realistic one. You should only spend within your means if you want to avoid going into debt.

Hit the dollar stores and thrift stores when shopping for a party. Your dollars will go a long way more if you shop at discount stores. Party stores price higher than discount stores do. You can find many of your party needs at dollar and thrift stores so why go to a special party store? Buy only specialized items at party stores.

Compare prices. You should always compare prices especially if you are going to buy items in bulk. Check out the quantity of the items too. You may think that youÂ're getting a good deal until you break out the calculator and find out the price of each. Some items will be cheaper at dollar stores while your grocery or a party store may be able to compare competitively for some other items. When comparison shopping, list down the price of the items you intend to buy and the quantity you intend to buy them in.

Avoid impulse buys. You may find better deals elsewhere. You may even find a cheaper alternative at another store. Impulse buys can ruin your budget so avoid them like the plague. Planning is the key to a good party. DonÂ't ruin your budget for an impulse buy you may regret.

Keep the decorations down. If the party is casual, donÂ't go overboard on the dĂ©cor. True, theyÂ'll help with setting the mood and ambience but you can achieve those with a little creativity and far less dĂ©cor. A more formal party may require a bit more of the budget in the dĂ©cor department but even then, dĂ©cor can still be toned down but kept elegant. Make your own dĂ©cor if you are going after a specific theme. Or, borrow decorative items from your friends.

Food and drink are probably going to be the most expensive items you will pay for. Cook the food yourself. YouÂ'll save a lot of money compared to hiring a professional caterer. Party pool and ask a few friends to help out. The next time they have a party, youÂ'll help out too. Scrimping too much on food is not a very good idea. Your guests will be able to tell if you used low quality food items. A better idea for saving on food would be to hold it between 2 and 5 pm. Holding a party around mealtimes is more expensive as you will have to spend on full meals for everyone.

Hold the party at home. This way, you donÂ't have to pay for the space. If the party extends beyond your expected hours, there wonÂ't be any surcharges either. If you lack tables and chairs, borrow from the local community center or church. You can donate to your church or community center as a way of thanking them for the use of their tables and chairs.

No matter how big or small your party budget is, the important thing is, everyone has fun and enjoys the time spent together.

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Party Planning on a Budget



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