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Frugal Beauty: 7 Cheap Ways to Pamper Yourself This Winter

by Alice Woodhouse
February 19, 2010
The chill in the air and the blanket of snow may sound very romantic and all, but it seems like they're the biggest enemy for your skin at this time of the year. Take the time off to pamper yourself over the holidays yet keeping your budget in check. To treat your face and body, you don't need high-end brands like Mario Badescu, Estee Lauder and Shiseido because it'll probably hurt more in the pockets than anything else. Here are some ways you can upgrade your beauty regimen without spending too much!

For Normal to Dry Skin

1. Low temperatures hurt the skin, slow blood circulation, and the like. A light massage all over your face, neck and arms helps bring back the healthy glow. There is a possibility that the reason behind your dull skin is the blood circulation making you appear pasty and ghostly pale. Use a warm aromatic oil that you can get for less using online promo. The oils have energizing fragrance to soothe your skin, but be careful and apply only very light pressure when doing face massage.

2. Winter is most especially harsh to those with sensitive skin, as the chill creates dry and very flaky skin. Shop online for a good moisturizer from brands like Neutrogena and Estee Lauder and use Cosme-De discount promos. Moisturizer is extremely important. The key is to moisturize 2-3x a day and one of the best natural moisturizer is honey, and if you want extra soft skin afterwards use yogurt.

3. Cleanse your face as much as it is possible. Clairsonic coupon codes helps you get the Clairsonic cleanser and massager gadget for your daily skin cleansing! But if you prefer going natural on your face cleanser, use only all natural ingredients designed to help your skin 100%! Head off to your kitchen cupboard and look for these ingredients: cream, milk and aromatic chamomile petals. Heat them up and pour into a container to let it cool. Use the liquid on your face or body that needs a gentle cleanse.

For Combination to Oily Skin

1. Don't think that because you're oily you won't have a problem with winter. You have to make sure that your skin is taken care off, too.

2. When cleaning the face, it's great to try fresh products like fruits and veggies. Take a half a slice of lemon, extract the juice and mix it with honey. This will help create a great home made formula for your skin to keep it moisturized without all that sebum. Crabtree and Evelyn promos give you cheaper access to their amazing line up of skin care so you can pick and choose as you please.

3. One of the best treatment is not an expensive facial from a fashionable salon. But there's a discovery going around how something as simple as Kraft Miracle Whip needs only around 10 minutes a day to help your skin normalize.

4. For protection under the sun, a high-SPF sunscreen is a must. Though most combination to oily skin sometimes suffer under the incredible oils because of its comedogenic effect that brings about acne. Since you can't make home made sunscreen, opt to buy oil-free sunscreens like Aveeno Sun block Lotion for Face. Neutrogena also has a great line of sun defense creams which you should also look into. You can find all these at a better price with online coupons.

Never forget to also put your needs along your list. Treat yourself to a haircut, a mani pedi combo, as well as a massage! If you're more comfortable using high-end brands, please do continue. We're not going to judge. If you're going to shop for winter, use coupon codes and online discounts to get your latest skin care fix for less!

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Frugal Beauty: 7 Cheap Ways to Pamper Yourself This Winter



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