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One Man's Garbage Is Another Man's Treasure

by Alice C. Woodhouse
July 11, 2009
Garage sales is one of the best ideas when it comes to saving money, whether you're buying the items or selling them! Garage sales are such a great place to see the items that you like lowered at dirt-cheap prices. My family and I love garage sales, flea markets, neighborhood yard sales, thrift stores and the the like. It's a kind of adventure for us, as we just look around never knowing what we might find. There's always the chance of finding goods that we need at amazing bargains!

For the frugal shopper, it's a fun way to pick things that you need and want in exchange for a little amount. Remember that you need cash, so leave your credit cards behind. If it's a big event, like a community garage sale, try to be there early as there will be dozens of people that will gather around.

In garage sales, sellers will often offer those things that they don't use very much, and selling them off is a way to get rid of the unwanted items and getting money for it. Try to find slightly used items, but remember not to spend on an item with a price that is clearly not for garage sales. We often encounter quirky vases or cute little decorative household items that are priced a little to high for our liking, around $25.

Remember to haggle! Though me and my husband would love that decorative item in our home, we refused to pay for that kind of price for a decorative item, so we tried haggling for a far lower price, around $12. It was a reasonable offer for us, and we were quite polite with the owner so in the end we got it! Negotiating is one of the key aspects to get the best out of your garage sale adventure. Just remember not to push the price too low that the owner will think you're being too much. Be friendly and have an engaging, fun haggling. You really don't want to argue aggressively just over a second-hand item.

Most of the garage sales that we've been in are small yard sales to flea market events. There are items there that anyone would consider a great, unique find. The items may be marked or unmarked, and if it is the latter, the owners would like to hear some offers first. If you're interested, you can actually ask the seller to state his price first, as it gives you a solid foundation what price to start negotiating. Also, another thing that me and my family learned is that you get a better price when you buy a bunch rather than buy sparingly. Try to combine all your purchases to get a discount or an even lower price for the whole thing.

I hope that these tips will help you in your next garage sale adventure. Don't be afraid to ask, haggle jovially, try your items before buying and make sure that the items are still durable and in good condition.

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One Man's Garbage Is Another Man's Treasure




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