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My Coupon Card Blues

by Alexis Andrews
August 08, 2008
Well, I am looking for a reliable web host that fits my specifics. I have search far and wide on many occasions and to sum up everything has its own ups and downs. My whole 2 hours are suspended with ideas of web hosts names and as such that I have been feeling like a twister. The mumbo jumbo of many companies that I have commonly seen has enticing headers, nice catchphrases, and splendid graphics.

After 2 hours of non-stop searching I've gotten myself a coffee for a while. I sipped ,then breath and sip and breath, thinking of the names for the most reliable web hosting company that I would like to housed my sites. I said to myself maybe I have to walk for a few blocks for a while it's kind of I am stressed from what I had been doing for the last 2 hours. And oh! My eyes are fuzzy.

I took my house keys put on my nice clothes and invited my shepherd for a lazy afternoon walk but it never did stand up. Probably she is full, because I overfed her with lots of dog food. I just want her to be quiet and desire her to be always sleeping on the floor just to make my whole mind to be much more focused on my one primary goal to search for a good web hosting company.

"Dogs, are just dogs, it does not help you straightened your nerves to come up with a good web hosting company to avail with," I said to myself. So I went out of my pad and lock all the doors. I walked towards our famous 24 hour grocer to treat myself for an ice cream. It seems I never had a taste of ice cream for ages. As I entered the entrance, a teen handed me a copy of a shopping discount card. It's about a 50% discount on food purchases from this known brand, if you only present this card. There is also an expiration date on the slip telling me August 08, 2008. I smiled at the young lad and whispered thanks. I headed to the frozen section and feast my eyes on pictures of ice creams. I still am holding this ¼ size coupon card.

Eureka! I turned my head towards the door. This is it why on earth would I waste my whole dollars at this high inflation times? I can have a reliable web hosting company and at the same time I can have my rebate if I will just search on Internet coupon codes.

As I turned around to my 9 o' clock, Tor my nosy neighbor is inside too and probably coming on my exact location. Good grief, he will again invite me on his dull fishing trip on Saturdays. He is so nice to me, yet I don't want to get bored again. I don't want to suffer boredom.

I suddenly grab a magazine which was displayed 1 meter away from me . I covered my handsome face to prevent Tor from recognizing me, thanks to his not so good vision.

I went pass two or three shelves off and alas I had escaped from his radar screen. But I blushed, when I found out that the magazine that I am holding is an Adult Magazine, which is not fit for me because my wife is an active Born Again Church leader in our community.

My goodness, I am about to squeal like a pig, because teens from our own church had seen me holding this naughty publication. Grin!

I smiled sheepishly, and laid down this cursed magazine on a vacant stroller.

I then ran through the door while holding my cell phone. I pretend that I have a conversation on the other line which is of emergency in nature. The young man who gave me a coupon card before, hurriedly open the door for me.

On the store grounds I still keep on running as if a real emergency is taking place while my left ear is on my mobile phone, acting out like Bruce Willis on his Die Hard Movies. I repeatedly say where, who, when, and how.

I went home sweating heavily from my misadventures. I forgot my ice cream treat for myself because of my own folly.

Finally, I still have this coupon card that bear witness as to what a fool I am at our local shop.

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My Coupon Card Blues



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