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Miscellaneous Saving tips

by Chris Green
August 16, 2009
Times are tough and adjustments have to be made. Belts and budgets have to be tightened to make ends meet. So how can you save more when your budget is already tight as it is? Here are a few miscellaneous savings tips that might come in handy.

CanÂ't live without the internet? Well, how about slowing down your speeds instead? If you do not need high speed internet access, go for the lower priced package. You can save a few dollars each month with a slower connection. If you use your internet mostly for email or general surfing, you wonÂ't notice the slowdown in speed much.

Or, combine your internet, cable and phone services if a single provider offers them all. Packages are cheaper than individual subscriptions. You may even get better deals by getting a package from one company. Billing becomes easier, too. This is an added convenience for you as you no longer have to track multiple bills.

Ask for interest rates reductions on your loans and credit cards. You never know if the company will grant your request until you try. You have nothing to lose by trying and everything to gain. Who knows? Your request just might be successful. Lower interest rates will let you save significantly. Your savings can then be applied to the principal, shortening the time you have to pay the debt off and further reducing interest payments.

Change your lights to energy saving ones. We use lights all the time. Continued use can rack up on your energy bill. Use alternative lighting like energy saving fluorescent lights and solar powered lights. Energy saving lights are as bright as regular ones but consume less electricity. Solar powered lights come in various designs that will look lovely indoors and outdoors.

Do you live near friends? Or traverse the same route? Why donÂ't you carpool? Carpooling can save you gas money and help save the environment, too. This will mean slight schedule changes. Proper planning and time management can make carpooling a very good alternative to spending on gas everyday.

Pack lunch to work. You can save quite a bit by bringing your own food to work. You control what you eat instead of being at the mercy of fast food and delivery services. Want a quick check of how much you can save? Calculate the amount you spend on lunch out with friends for a week. If you cook at home, you can pack lunch and feed your family at the same time. Same amount of work, more benefit, more savings.

Avoid missing payments. Missed payments often have surcharges. Miss a lot of payments and you pay more in surcharges. You may not think the amount is significant but a dollar saved is a dollar earned. And every dollar counts.

Take stock of energy vampires in your home. Unplug appliances and equipment when not in use. You just might be surprised at the amount of energy you save which will be reflected in a lower energy bill.

Stay married. Divorces are expensive. Divorces can wreck finances. Work things out between you and your spouse if you can without dragging lawyers that charge by the hour into the fray. In the end, lawyers will always be the winners.

These are but a few tips. With a little thought and effort, you can be sure of coming up with more miscellaneous savings tips.

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Miscellaneous Saving tips




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