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Living the Low-Maintenance Life

by Alice C. Woodhouse
June 25, 2009
The consequences of a jet-setting lifestyle now have propelled millions of families to rethink their financial situation and face the facts that money is more often the root of evil than otherwise. Money sure is a blessing, but it is also the want of it that fuels our greed. Because of the current atmosphere of uncertainty, money woes, unemployment and the shaky economy we are forced to opt for a low maintenance life and go back to what's basic and important.

No More Luxury

Who doesn't dream of a life where you can have every luxury you could ever want? Well, everyone of us does. It feels good to be wealthy, but at this point in time we really live like that as much as we want to. Families are doing with far less luxury than they can afford to, giving up frequent shopping trips, going to the mall, eating out, and even vacations. They are trying to keep the money in while times are tight so they can weather the uncertain financial atmosphere.

The House that Frugality Built

The house is home to many things... sometimes consisting of things that clutter your life and your money. Sometimes at home we find that huge money wasters, like expensive pieces of furniture, pricey decors, gadgets that consume too much electricity and so much more. Some pay too much for their mortgage, especially those who have a big house with a huge mortgage payments that their income can't cover much. There are a lot of families selling their big house for a more compact and reasonably-priced one. Not only does selling the big house and moving to a smaller home means more money put away, there's also the fact that a small house has lesser maintenance and upkeep.

Trading Down Auto

The low-key low maintenance lifestyle is one that cuts the frills out, makes do with as little luxury as possible and avoid wasting away precious wealth. There are people who have happily given up their pricey automobiles, or selling or trading them for simple models. Even those who are in the market for cars are opting to buy second hand instead of brand new. Flashy cars may make us take a second look because of its eye-candy features, but it also makes us shake our head at such a huge waste of money on just a single material thing. Aside from the price tags, another reason to balk is the gas guzzling features of these high-end models. Even if there are times that auto companies promote a car with higher mileage for less gas, chances are, the price tag up front is going to set you back on your finances for at least three years.

People are saving left and right by cutting costs in all areas of the house, but the fact that cellphone needs regular payments and prepaid need to be loaded on money to have minutes; nannies and cleaning ladies needs to be paid; gas for the car; lunch money for the kids. All that upkeep seems to be purging you off your money. If you still those mentioned above, rethink, re-budget and root out all that's left and start living a low-maintenance life!

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Living the Low-Maintenance Life




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