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Learning to Cope with the Frugal Life

by Alice C. Woodhouse
June 02, 2009
Family lifestyle are changing as the budget grows tighter and there's no more space for luxuries. It's not easy adjusting to cut backs and less splurges when we're a bit used to it. In these difficult times, people are encouraged to be thrifty, frugal, and create almost everything from scratch, but nobody ever tells you that it can be hard and irritating as well.

At first, people are hard pressed to get used to the idea that frugality is in fact a challenge for all of us to lead a more disciplined life. Some people are so used to the idea of convenience, vaguely aware that convenience has a price-- and a huge one at that. Practicing frugality means making our own food, not going out to a restaurant, buying take-out for lunch and ordering food from a nearby diner. Its easy to miss the convenience that getting ready-to-eat food brings, and resent having to find deals to stock up on groceries, plan our meals accordingly, and find ways to stretch the food to make it last. But making our own food to eat during lunch is way cheaper than heading out to get a club sandwich , soup and pasta which can set you back for at least $5 a dish. Doing this everyday for a month makes you lose $150 more or less. Letting go of that want for convenience will help us in facing the challenge when it's time commit to the frugal lifestyle.

Luxury is one thing that we always want to have. We are known for having lavish lifestyle, especially when talking about luxurious furnishings for the home, luxury vehicles, luxury items to adorn ourselves with, and the most luxurious vacation destinations for us to relax and unwind. Finding yourself in a financial crunch is not our idea of a good life. But now we are faced with a pressing economic crisis that we can't worm our way out of. How can we afford the life we want now? No matter how wealthy people think they are, the crisis has hit them hard. Businesses are struggling, the market is not doing so well and people all over the world are so affected that they are doing cutbacks and doing effective ways to cut costs. How can we cope? Delay gratification. How can you think of using up vacation credits now at the time when your employer is planning on downsizing or a massive lay-off? Why buy an expensive appliance and furniture for your living space with your credit card when you're getting lower returns from you investments because of fluctuating stocks? We have to delay gratification in order to meet our needs and not just our wants. Delay gratification today and harvest rewards in the future.

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Learning to Cope with the Frugal Life




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