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by Alexis Andrews
August 02, 2008
Online couponing has seen a significant growth in comparison to the same time last year. According to online-measurement firm Hitwise, visits to online coupon sites have increased 56 percent between the week of June 6, 2008 and the same week in 2007. People are now aiming to save even a few cents from their respective purchases.

The trend will remain until oil prices will drop. Once oil goes up all commodities from food to vacations will be tremendously affected. Everything will go up but your wage doesnÂ't seem to compensate your needed daily expenses. Therefore from backyard vacations to carpooling to summer clearance sales, shoppers are becoming more and more adept at hunting down values this season.

According to a report, shoppers are discovering coupons on the Web and printing coupons are becoming a regular part of a consumer's shopping routine. This is very much expected since everything now is expensive due to an erratic inflation rate.

The result above is a proven example of survival during rainy days. People tend to be thrifty and smart when their own survival is at stake.

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Increase Growth on Best Deals



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