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How You Can Make Money from Your Skills, Hobbies and Interests

by Alice C. Woodhouse
May 25, 2009
We all have our dream jobs, and it usually revolves around the idea of working on something that we're passionate about. Imagine if you will, you were a gardening enthusiast and you were making serious money out of that hobby of yours? It wouldn't really be work at all, or at least it wouldn't feel like work at all. Wouldn't it be nice if we can make money from hobbies and all our leisurely pursuits?

If you have a hobby that you're really good at and you love, you should make it a point to discover some way to make good money from doing it. Not only will you be able to make a side income, but you're going to do what you really do best. If you don't think you have a skill or a hobby yet, think about what field you're interested in. Whether you're into arts and crafts, sewing and knitting, photography, collectible items, gardening and etc there's always something that you might want to focus on. Think about it, and pick one hobby you'd like to develop. If you're going to pursue the selling part of your hobby offer it first to your circle of friends, then try your luck on Ebay and flea markets. And when it makes a good return of profits, maybe then you can sell it on your own website. And if you get good enough at it, maybe you could teach other people!

There are stories about people who opened their dream businesses just by starting small. They started in their own houses, making simple things but doing it so well until they mastered their crafts. If you're thinking about making money from your own hobbies or want to develop a hobby or two, here are some tips you might be interested in:

Sewing and Knitting

If you are one of those people who love to sew, have an eye for detail and love the peace and quiet of making clothing out of pieces of fabric then this one's for you. It's a cheap hobby, as you really just need is your sewing machine, some lovely fabrics and thread, and a good design on paper. You can sew just about anything, really. Sew a quilt, a doll's dress, your own vest and shirts, and many more. Some have joined in on the bandwagon to make tiny dog's clothing because it's a really hot commodity these days. For knitting, you can make tablecloths, coverlet, scarves, cardigans, mittens and the like. There are kids right now into knitting and crocheting. They start small by making bracelets, then small purses, and move on to bigger designs like scarves and bag pouches.

Jewelry Design and Card-making

Card-making sounds so simple that you can begin to wonder why everyone doesn't make cards to earn a living. Card-making might sound simple enough, but only those who are truly good at designing, painting and typography are the ones who truly are going to be successful. You have to have a knack for thinking of creative images and translating it to your cards. Some of the handmade cards that seem to have a huge following are made of quality paper and have the most wonderful designs. Cards should account for all important holidays, have sentimental and often funny messages in them, or can be used for all occasions.

As for jewelry-making, this is recommended for persons who love trinkets. If you love trinkets, it's a good start. No, this hobby doesn't require you to shell out huge amounts of money for the crystals, metals and rhinestones that you're going to use. Remember: start small. You can use beads, wooden and plastic ones that come in all shape and sizes. You have to buy hooks and locks, various pendants and rolls of stretchable string. It's important to have a good eye for color and design. Always do your best to develop your jewelry-making hobbies better by researching for good color combination, doable bracelet and necklace patterns, and other trinket ideas like key chains, earrings, anklets and toe rings.

Your hobby needs to be honed first before you can even start thinking of selling a couple of pieces. Enjoy developing your hobby first, and whether or not you make money from it, it's totally okay. Don't force it, take your time in learning and keep in mind that your time was spent doing something you enjoy! WC 746

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How You Can Make Money from Your Skills, Hobbies and Interests




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