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Have a great outdoor adventure without breaking the bank

by Marian Shepard
March 24, 2010
More and Americans are choosing to have "staycations" instead of vacations because of difficult financial times. In response to this, the travel industry has been offering lowered travel rates, including airplane fares that are at a comparative all-time low.

Most travelers now choose to stay close to home, instead of traveling to distant and often off-continent locations. All this local travel has also prompted a rediscovery of camping and fishing trips. These trips are great opportunities for families to bond over shared adventures, and are relatively inexpensive once you have collected all the camping gear that a trip requires.

While it may sound like a pricey endeavor, stocking up on good-quality camping gear isn't as hard on your budget as one would think. Most camping supply stores offer online coupons that can be redeemed with your purchase, and offer benefits ranging from direct discounts on purchases to free shipping.

If you're looking to enjoy some time in the great outdoors on a budget, there are a few ways to cut down even more on your spending:

· Camping is pretty much cheaper than other forms of recreational travel, especially when you factor in the fact that you will not be paying (at least, not paying as much) for rooms and accommodations. Just remember to get the best quality of sleeping bags and tents that you can afford. An important investment, a good sturdy sleeping bag and tent can last you many camping season, saving on the cost of having to replace a mediocre one every year.

· Purchase food at the local grocery in bulk and take it with you on your trip. Food purchased at convenience stores along the way is bound to be more expensive than food bought along from home. This technique not only saves you the trouble of stopping every few hours to purchase food items, but also allows you to save money.

· Plan your meals well. Don't bring too much food, which will result in wastage, but don't bring too little, either, which will cause you to cave in and buy overpriced items from shops which cater to tourists. A good rule of thumb is to plan for a little more food than what each person would eat normally at home - the fresh air and exercise make for good appetite stimulants.

· Don't purchase the special pots and pans for cooking outdoors. Remember, the cheapest way to go camping is to make do with what you already have. You can cook at your campsite just as well with inexpensive old pans and pots from your home. Just make sure that these are pots and pans that can take a lot more wear and tear - something that is preferably aluminum.

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Have a great outdoor adventure without breaking the bank



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