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Garage Sales & Flea Markets

by Chris Green
July 03, 2009
Garage sales and flea markets are excellent sources of great deals and bargains. How do you make the most of these sales?

Come early

If you are planning to go to a garage sale or to a flea market, leave home early. Youâ€TMll be able to find better deals and items if you come before the other shoppers do. Basically, youâ€TMll have the picks of the day.

Many flea markets have a special entrance option for early shoppers. The extra fee is actually worth the money you spend because you will get the best selection all throughout.

As the day progresses, the good stuff tend to go fast, especially in garage sales. If you come later in the day, you may not find real good deals anymore.

Look around

There are a lot of similar items to be found in flea markets. Prices may differ so look around. At a garage sale, you may find an item you like more.

Looking around gives you the opportunity to find a similar item at a lower cost. Compare prices. Knowing how much the competition sells an item may give you extra bargaining power.

If you look around, you may even find something you like better.

There is a certain element of risk to as the item you like may be snapped up by another buyer. You have to be prepared for this possibility. The more shoppers there are, the higher the chances that somebody else may like the same item. However, if you come early enough, there may not be enough shoppers to provide much competition.


One of the greatest pleasures of garage sales and flea markets is the art and skill of bargaining. You can negotiate with the seller for lower prices. The price will depend on how high youâ€TMre willing to go and how low the seller is willing to sell. Never ever act too interested. If you act too interested, this will drive the price up. Acting interested may even drive the price higher than what youâ€TMre willing to pay and higher than what the seller originally intended.

Throw in a bit of hesitation as the seller to make the seller lower the price even further. This tactic can make the seller lower the item price to make it an even better deal for you. If you walk away, the seller may even cut the price dramatically.

Donâ€TMt stop on bargaining at the price. Ask if certain goods or services can be thrown in for free. While this isnâ€TMt always possible, thereâ€TMs nothing wrong in trying.

Donâ€TMt ignore the back section of the flea markets or garage sales. Since very few people venture into these areas, who knows what hidden treasures you may find?

Donâ€TMt be shy about asking for stuff they may have hidden away. Many sellers do that; hoard a treasured find and sell it to the right person. That person may just turn out to be you.

Most of the items in the back are also priced lower than those in the front. Take advantage of that. There are many treasures in garage sales and flea markets just waiting for the right person to stumble along.

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Garage Sales & Flea Markets




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