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Frugal Summer Fun For The Family

by Chris Green
October 03, 2009
Hot, hot summer is here!

Summer is a great time for families to bond and spend lots of quality time together. School activities can take up so much of your children┬'s time. This summer can be a great time to reconnect with them, catch up on what┬'s going on in their lives.

Family activities need not be costly this summer. There are many activities you can do without breaking the bank.

Here are a few ideas.

Arts and crafts

This can be very popular with younger kids. Not only will this provide the children with a fun and fulfilling summer activity, your children┬'s natural creative inclinations can be nurtured with arts and crafts.

You can also go to sites like You will find a lot of fun projects for kids like How to Make Oobleck!/ or How to Find Pirate Treasure in Trash

There are also more advanced activities for older kids and adults so everyone has something to help each other out with.

Movie Nights

Download or rent movies. You can cuddle up in the sofa or gather round on the floor to watch family favorites. A bucket of popcorn, chips, vegetable sticks and cold drinks can make the night a special one.

Music Nights

Grab a guitar, a piano or any musical instrument you can play. Blend your voices together. The neighborhood kids can form a musical extravaganza to an appreciative audience of parents.


The weather is beautiful. Why not eat outside? This will be a nice change from eating meals indoors. Parents can teach their kids how to barbecue meat and seafood. Eating outdoors will give the meal an extra oomph without having to spend a lot. If the lovely smell wafts over to your neighbors, they might even bring more food and make it a party.

Hit the beach

Stuff your swimsuit and a change of clothing in a bag, grab a bottle of suntan or sunblock lotion, pack a picnic hamper and you┬'re all set to hit the beach. Swimming doesn┬'t have to be the only activity. You can play beach volleyball, throw Frisbees, or just work on your tan.

Take a walk

A hike would be a great way to introduce kids to nature┬'s wonders. Point out interesting bugs and plants. A short talk about taking care of nature would come across as relevant while you┬'re immersing yourself in nature. You get plus points if you find a stream to splash around in.


This can be a very rewarding family activity. Family stories and legends are passed on to the younger generation to keep the memory of those who have gone before them alive. Fairytales and tales of adventure are good too. This would be a great nighttime activity while stargazing.


Help out during church activities. Volunteer at the local shelter. There are many organizations that would welcome helping hands. Find a program that the family would like to support. If you like to work with animals, animal shelters would be glad to have you. You can also volunteer at nursing homes or hospitals.

Summer doesn┬'t have to be boring. You don┬'t need a lot of money to enjoy the season of sun and warmth either. Giving can be as rewarding as receiving, if not even more rewarding.

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Frugal Summer Fun For The Family




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