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Frugal School Supplies Shopping

by Alice C. Woodhouse
May 19, 2009
Stretching your dollar has never been more difficult most especially with the coming opening of the school year. Your kids will want so many new things, new bag, notebooks, lunchboxes, and school shoes on top of all the things you need to pay for. Here are several frugal strategies to keep your money in your pocket:

1. First, you should look around whether there items from the previous year that your child can still use. ItÂ's important to look around and try to see if there is really a need to buy new things. Check if the school bags are durable; their shoes donÂ't have gaping holes, or their lunchboxes are still useable. If you see wear and tear in an item then thatÂ's the only time you can add them to your shopping list.

Take a long review of the items in your library or room for anything that you can scratch off your list. Get the rulers, pens, markers, calculators that are lying around your desk.

2. Back-to-School sales are your best friend. If you need to shop for school supplies you need to get it as cheap as you can. This is the time when you should take advantage of store competitions. Prices go low and discounts go higher weeks before school opens. Be on the look out for weekly sales in your nearest supplies shop. Get folder in a pack for just measly cents, binders and notebooks for a dollar or less and more. The one thing to watch out is your list. Stick to it and donÂ't buy anything unnecessary. Refrain from buying post-its, pencil cases, complete set of highlighters, or non-essentials such as key chains, accessories, hair clips and the like.

And as much as possible, do the shopping by yourself and not with your kids in tow because they can easily be tempted to ask you to buy some things that arenÂ't really on necessary for them to start school with.

3. For clothing needs, head off to garage sales. If you think your child may need some more clothing to last him through week after week for the whole school year, shop at clearance and garage sales. There you can find several sweatshirts, pants, shirts, and even shoes. Try to be very careful when picking out the clothes, and check for tears, stains or for fraying. ItÂ's always good to shop at garage sales because it can help you stretch your budget. Especially when shopping for clothing, it is usually takes the biggest chunk.

4. From now on, try to organize all your supplies and keep track of them. All that saving will come to naught if youÂ're not careful enough. Always teach your children to take responsibility of their things, like keeping track of their calculators, clipboards, and most especially pens. Lose it and youÂ're going to buy another one, which is not good for your budget. Teach them to avoid losing things in school. As much as possible write your childÂ's name and one contact detail on pencil cases, notebooks, lunchboxes and etc.

Your kids are ready to go to school and they should be well prepared for everything. Help your children be the best they can be by providing them with all the best things that you and your budget can offer. WC 557

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Frugal School Supplies Shopping




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