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Frugal Home Remedies: A Guide

by Alice C. Woodhouse
May 04, 2009

Home remedies have been around longer than prescription drugs, yet it's something that we've always looked down on. Alternative medicine uses a simple mixture of common herbs, plants, spices, fruits or vegetables, or other common kitchen items. Though most natural remedies have very light side effects compared to most drugs in the market, are inexpensive, and with no chemicals, there are critics to the traditional approach in medicine pronouncing it as ¬"backward folk knowledge¬". But at the same time, there are some people who swear by these natural treatments declaring that the remedies do treat common ailments such as the cold or the flu, headaches, joint pains and several body disorders.

In all different countries all over the world, there are so many kinds of alternative medicine that people are using. Even in the US, we still have home remedies that have been passed down through generations and shared around the community. With the rising cost of prescription and over-the-counter drugs, these home remedies are extremely useful for frugal families trying to save money. Ingredients will cost just about nothing as anybody can find them in their own cupboards and gardens. There's really nothing wrong with trying out alternative medicine as some have been proved to work far effectively than their drug counterparts.

"ACV" Cure-Allb

One of the most famous is home remedy is the Apple Cider Vinegar, popularly known as ¬"ACV¬". It proposes to cure numerous ailments like acid reflux, sore throats, nasal and sinus congestion, gout, arthritis, environmental and food allergies, and is known as a medication for acne and improve complexion. The ACV is a highly acidic vinegar that when consumed directly, burns the throat. For home remedies that include ingesting the liquid, ACV usually is diluted with warm water, later add it with honey or fruit juice to get a milder flavor.

Recurring Cough with Itchy Throat

Pharmacies are loaded with all kinds of tablets and syrups to ward off cough, but there are parents and grandparents all over the world who have a trick or two up their sleeves when it comes to cheap cough remedy. There is a whole page of different kinds of recipe for for treating cough and one of the most popular and really simple mixture is lemon-glycerine-honey mixture.

Boil one lemon over low heat to slowly soften the lemon and get more juice. After around 10 minutes, cut the lemon in two squeeze as much juice as possible and put it in a small glass. Add one tablespoon of glycerine to the juice, stir well and then fill the drinking glass with honey. (One thing to remember is that honey is not recommended for children under 2 years old.) Another popular cough remedy is tea made from ginger. Or some even eat raw ginger if you have an irritated throat as well.

Dry Skin and Lackluster, Thinning Hair

Milk is excellent for the skin and for the hair. So, who needs soap and shampoo now, right? People who have extremely unhealthy skin characterized by cracking, dryness, and red patches often use leftover milk. For those who need extra volume for thinning hair, milk is excellent when used when taking a bath.

Another natural product is mayonnaise both for the skin and hair. Mayonnaise has great oils to moisturize the skin (only for people who have very dry skin) and leave it with a healthy glow. Mayonnaise is spread thinly on the face, neck, arms, legs, or wherever that needs moisturizing. When it comes to hair care, mayo is nature's best deep conditioner. Put mayonnaise on your hair from root to tips for 15-30 minutes once a week. Mayo acts to promote hair growth, thicken thinning hair and make even frizzy, dry hair shine. For unclogging pores on your face, aspirin is actually a hidden beauty secret, and it's very easy to make at home since all you need to do is to crush 6 - 8 uncoated aspirin tablets, add warm water (for scrub) or honey (for mask), mix well until creamy and slather on your face. Aspirin Mask is very powerful when it comes to preventing pimples or zits, unclogging pores and clearing dark spots in your face.

There are many things in your cupboard and garden that you can discover uses for, just be on the lookout for great home recipes for natural home remedies! With enough information, you can really save a lot when it comes to finding alternative medicine for common disorders and diseases.

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Frugal Home Remedies: A Guide



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