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Festive Holiday Decors on a Budget

by Alice C. Woodhouse
May 19, 2009
The holiday preparations are notorious for draining us of our cheer as we see the purchases and charges pile up. ItÂ's easy to forget that the decors actually cost quite a bit and it slowly adds up until it bites you where it hurts. If you like to celebrate in style, here are a few tips to help you so you donÂ't make the wrong choices:

Easter Fun

All images of Easter are of pink bunnies, warm chocolate pudding, tulips, and festive eggs. Families love buying decors for this holiday, but you can always opt for making your own rather than having to buy them at the mall. To make your own Easter basket laden with goodies, all you need is a wicker basket. Not necessarily a new one, an old wicker basket from your gardening shed will do. Decorate it with fluffs of cotton, or line it with pink and yellow ribbons, then you can add goodies such as chocolates and eggs inside.

4th of July Motif

The red, white and blue motif should adorn the walls. If you love celebrating this day with all that pizzas then you can always improvise using crepe paper and several cheap colored papers. 4th Of July simply has one important dĂ©cor that you canÂ't do without and that is the flag. DonÂ't go out and buy the biggest flag there is, because it usually costs $20 more or less. Improvise using a wide blue cardboard and apply long strips of red paper on it, decorate the rest with a white bond paper on the upper left side and put on the exact number of stars. The best thing about this is kids will love making this craft!

Prepare food that fits the theme, so you need lots of food coloring with the same color motif like your flag. One of the most unique recipe thatÂ's a phenomenal crowd favorite is the Fourth of July Jell-o.

Halloween Creepies

When it comes to big decorations and lots of preparations, Halloween is next to Christmas if not more. From walls to rooms, windowsills to hedges, and head to toe, Halloween permeates our life. If you donÂ't have to give yourself a scare, donÂ't buy expensive costumes. For trick or treat baskets, you can opt to get an ordinary container and paint it yourself with the use of acrylics. For more ideas head off to your dollar stores and get any kind of costumes and turn them into something Halloween-appropriate!

Christmas Extravaganza

Deck the halls with boughs of holly! And make sure itÂ's a real holly, not those plastic things you get for $15 a pop. And if you canÂ't get real holly or if it costs more than the plastic ones, opt for the latter so you can store it to use for the next Christmases to come. Christmas tree decorations donÂ't have to burn out your savings as you can always find cheaper alternatives to expensive trinkets!

Festive holiday celebrations donÂ't have to break your savings. If you really need to shop, shop when all holiday decorations are on discount prices. The only way you can get it is by shopping just after the holidays are over and you have to store them until you can use them for next year. WC 553

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Festive Holiday Decors on a Budget




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