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Throwing a Huge, Fantastic Party on A Budget

by Alice Woodhouse
February 23, 2010
All year round, there's always a reason to celebrate. Whether it be a birthday, a holiday, a big anniversary, a wedding or a baby shower, or just a special occasion that needs to be recognized as a happy event or a milestone in life. Anyone would throw the biggest party they can if only there was no such thing as money and budget limits. Decide on how much you're going to spend, limit your self from going overboard with spending but not on the fun!

1. Party Theme - A party is made even more festive with a theme! Not only that, a party theme keeps you guided on what to get and what you'll need to make party planning a lot faster and will give you the control to stay on your budget. You can tie-in the decors, tableware, music and even the food served, so you won't grab everything you see in the store, only those that fit your party theme. ShindigZ provides a huge array of party supplies that will fit each theme you want. ShindigZ coupon offers lets you have a grand Hawaiian-themed birthday party or a festive Cinco de Mayo holiday!

2. Finger food - When celebrating parties, it's always with a group of people. Whether it is simply just family members or some more friends added into the mix, you're going to have to make sure there's enough food and drinks to go around. Aside from the main dish you're going to serve, make sure there's a lot of finger food so that the guest will have something to munch on like hors d'oeuvres, vegetable wraps, sliced cheeses and fruits, chips and baked potatoes. And when it comes to appetizers and small desserts, there's always Appetizers To Go coupons so you don't need expensive and exotic finger foods like shrimps, strips of beef or salmon. A party can go a long way with several delicious crackers and breads with fillings or sauce.

3. Open Bar Not Required - Who wouldn't want free flowing drinks or a full bar on a special occasion? There's no reason for you to feel bad if you can't offer your guests that. Adding up that expense is simply too much for a budgeted party to handle. Most parties have simple fruity punch or signature cocktails. Bottles of good wine and a few cases of beer are enough to keep costs in check, and it is usually sufficient to keep guests entertained. It's easy to do this as long as you have The Wine Messenger promo codes and Mr. Beer discount coupons. Remember that you're the host and you control everything. Good guests are not there to get roaring drunk, but to have a happy time celebrating a special occasion with you.

4. Fun Activities - For a festive party, there should be a few activities that guest will have a great time doing. Like dancing to fresh, fun beats for a beach party, or photo stands to make wacky pictures to keep people entertained, and even face painting or a magic show for children's parties. Costume parties are always a favorite, as costumes and novelty accessories can be bought for less with Century Novelty coupons. For more party ideas and needs that don't burn a hole in the budget, there are always great offers using Pretty Party Place promo codes and it is an easy way to save on items you might need to get the ball rolling for your party.

Don't let your happy event be overshadowed and tainted with debt. There's nothing else that puts a damper on a fun time than something like that. A great party on a budget takes a little more effort than most especially in finding great discounts and promo offers, but in the end it's going to be worth it as you saved yourself money in the long run.

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Throwing a Huge, Fantastic Party on A Budget



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