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Fantastic Frugal Fun For The Family

by Alice C. Woodhouse
April 13, 2009
It's high time that every member of the family practice and cultivate a great habit for frugal living!

Heads of households should believe that living frugally is not just a phase, but a real lifestyle change which entails full commitment not on just one or few members but the entire family. It's time that the kids understand and get involved in the family effort to be successful in daily practice of frugality. Don't let them feel that choosing not to spend means less fun for them! There are a lot of ways that fun can be had, and it involves with little to absolutely no spending at all.

Daytime Active Fun

Get those bikes, roller blades and scooters out and enjoy the beautiful outdoors! You don't have to shell out too much money. If you just want a nice stroll, you don't have to travel very far, and you'll have a great bonding time with your family. Take the kids for a bike ride around town and discover new areas and places.

It's also a great time to survey the city or town for nice parks and quaint areas. For a weekend daytime fun and relaxing, you can set up a small and pleasant picnic for the family. Pack in homemade food like sandwiches, fruits and fruit juices, salad and pasta too! Picnics are great because kids feel freer when they're outdoors, as there are a lot of games that children play while they're in the park. Fly a kite, play a long round of Frisbee, or take a nature trip. All of them are a great past time for the whole family,

Make Every Night a ¬"Fun Night¬"

A great idea is to utilize board games and card games and play it inside the living room, or get the books out and enjoy a fun reading night. Watching a movie is also one of the top favorites, as it appeals to kids of all ages and involves nothing but a good copy of a movie that your children will love, a comfortable couch and some warm popcorn.

Whether you involve board games, card games, rented movies, or TV just make sure it's what something your children would be enthusiastic to do. It's not much fun if they don't feel like a Scrabble or a marathon of a cartoon series. Think of things to do and involve them in the decision. Be open to suggestions, as sometimes they would just ask something small like to watch a game show or ask for something wild like turn the living room into a make-believe jungle. Or you could consider a small puppet show or a mini theater play in the kids' room.

All these activities are sure-fire way of getting your children to have fun while you maintain and stick with minimizing the family spending habits. You can rest assured that fun doesn't have to mean going to the mall or buying new toys for them. And with your example, you can set a good message for to your children how to have a fantastic time while living frugally!

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Fantastic Frugal Fun For The Family



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