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Fall and Winter Energy Saving Tips

by Alice C. Woodhouse
December 24, 2009
When the season changes to cool autumns and chilly winters it's that time when use up huge amounts of energy to keep us warm and toasty inside our homes. To help lessen energy consumption in your home during the seasons of fall and winter, here are what you should do and be aware of:

1.Lowering thermostats. The best level is setting it around 68 degrees or below during the day, especially when you and your family are bustling about the house. While at night, lower it around 60 degrees so you can save more for each night. Because of the low settings, you need to bulk up on blankets and wear clothing that will keep you warmer. With this you can see plenty of savings in your bill.

2.This is the season where people have high demand for warmth, so you should watch out for your water heater. Check your preset temperature, look into its thermostat and make sure it's set at around 120 degrees, any higher it will cost more. There's also a trick that some people employ with their water heater. The get their huge beach towels, say about 2-3 of them and wrap them around the water heater equipment. The towels will help protect the heater from the cold or from drafts, as well as help insulate heat.

3.It's extremely important that you check any opening in your house for drafts. Check everywhere! Feel around for drafts around your windows, your front and back door, and any other openings. It's important that your doors are sealed tight, so as soon as possible do caulking or weather stripping. A test would be passing a dollar bill through your the crack of your door while it's closed. If it passes you need to replace its weather stripping. Practice closing the door of the unused rooms to keep the heat inside the room that you're actually using. Your kids should be taught to keep close the doors after going out as they're usually the culprits on leaving the doors open.

4.Replace your bulbs with energy efficient light bulbs. First, find out exactly what you are using. If your lights are still the regular ones, then you should really switch to CFL's or Compact Flourescents. Install CFL's for all your light fixtures including your bedroom lamps, hall lights, porch lights and more. CFL bulbs save you money because they use more than 60% less energy than regular bulbs but give the same amount of bright lights, they last longer as they have lesser tendency to burn out easily, plus they have great warranties as well.

There are several easy ways to ensure less consumption of energy by installing a glass screen in your chimney, if you actually have one. Try to see if you have the budget to get your air filters changed, as this can help you clean your air for around 3-6 months and you need clean air especially when you're mostly cooped up inside the house during heavy winter days. You can stop wasting away money with just a little bit of ingenuity on your part, an effort to look around and find more ways to reduce!

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Fall and Winter Energy Saving Tips




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