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Explaining Coupon Codes to Mom

by Alexis Andrews
August 24, 2008
Dear Mom,

In response to your last letter: no, you don┬'t have to print out those coupon codes that I gave you. Actually, those are for when you do your shopping online. All you have to do is enter them in the box one one of your online order forms and ┬-voila!┬- you get your discount, you get your free shipping, you get your several dollars┬' worth of savings.

I know. It may sound complicated to you. Technology has advanced so fast that it┬'s hard to keep up nowadays, isn┬'t it? I remember, when I was still a little kid, I would go with you to the local grocery store where we would do our shopping: bread, food items, Dad┬'s magazines, your flowers, my toys and stickers and colorful little notebooks. Now you can buy everything online. You don┬'t have to cut those tickets or stamps from the newspaper and present them at the cash register.

That┬'s why I will continue to persuade you to have some computer tutor come in about once a week. You┬'re not too busy for that, I hope. I know some friends who might be able to help out; they have pretty good technical knowledge, and from them you┬'ll learn even more about what can be done online, it┬'s a win-win situation because their rates really aren┬'t all that expensive.

Anyway, I am doing well here, a bit busy with the arrangements on the new house. I┬'m still settling in. There are days when I come home from work so tired that I feel like I can┬'t keep up anymore. That┬'s why right now I am my search for new furniture is being carried out on the Internet. I don┬'t have the time and energy to go out for window shopping anyway. You might not believe me, but last week I saved almost two hundred dollars on a cedar chest made of woodland oak! (See how useful coupon codes are?) The original price was something like eight hundred bucks, and The Furniture Paradise slashed it down to about six hundred and change. I didn┬'t even have to pay for shipping.

How┬'s everything else going, by the way? Has Dad cut down on his smoking? I have told him off so many times but really you┬'re the only one who can convince him to stop. If he remains stubborn, tell him about the new brand of nicotine gum that was recently released in the market. They say it is very effective. I think it┬'s also available for sale on the Internet; just search for legitimate online pharmacies and I┬'m sure they have that gum in stock. Who knows? With coupon codes you may even get them cheaper than when you get it from a real drugstore. If Dad persists, then you should be the one to tell him off for keeping such an expensive habit. Times are hard!

I promise to visit you guys soon. In the meantime, I send my love. Take good care always, okay?

Your daughter,


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