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Expensive Habits Worth Breaking

by Alice C. Woodhouse
May 14, 2009
Trying to save money is not just about wanting to make ends meet today but having enough for the future. One of the most efficient ways to really save money is to cut back on our expensive habits, the ¬"treats¬" we love to give ourselves and our loved ones. Let's try to look in several examples on how to curb heavy spending as much and try to look into great alternatives.

Dining out at posh restaurants.

Ok, so we think that it's great to check out expensive restaurants once in a while and dine out there. You meet up with a few friends or take out someone special there, order some food with unpronounceable names on the menu and viola! There's now a really huge hole in your pocket. The usual prices for entrees range from $50 or so, not including appetizers, desserts and drinks. And they usually don't have value meals there.

What can you do when that craving for gourmet food or expensive restaurants propels you into spending that much? Go to a nice, local restaurant that serves up scrumptious dishes but charge far less than those high-end places rich people go to. It's a much nicer alternative and you're saved from having to eat at a nearby chuck n' cheese, too. You should never ever go into these high-end restaurants, not because you don't deserve it, but because you choose to be smart enough not to bust that all that money just for one meal

Going into expensive salons.

Face it, you're not a rockstar or a hollywood starlet because if you are you're probably out there shooting a video or guesting in a talk show, not reading this article. Most of us are white-collar workers who manage to get by well enough. We can't afford the expensive salons! But there are still people out there who shell out that much money for hair styling and cut. Going into expensive salons does not necessarily insure that you'll be glamorous ever after. A haircut is a haircut no matter where you get it from.

Solution? Nearby beauty salons that have low prices for their hair styling services. If you need some nice hairdo for a special occasion or a simple trim for your bob, do yourself a favor by not going into lavish salons. Keep your money and head off to a beauty salon nearest to your block. Support you local small business this way, too!

Unused Subscriptions and Gym Membership.

For your weekly magazine, book subscriptions, and others with auto-renewal seriously drain your savings and you don't even realize it. If you apply for free trials or service offers, do remember to cancel if you don't want it to continue. Before even affixing your signature on that application form for the trial period, always read the fine print. Read the terms and conditions, as well as the procedure for cancellation. Protect your money, don't let your subscription leave you drained.

Gym memberships are a little tricky for some people because it serves as a reminder for them on their resolution to get off their butts, hit the bags and pump some iron. The bad thing about this is that most of the time these people utilize less than a week's worth of their monthly subscription, which is a huge waste money and the chance to burn some calories. A solution to this would be to ask how much your gym's per session rate is, multiply it to a realistic count of how many times you actually go to the gym and compare that to the monthly fee you're currently paying. There are several alternatives like searching for free cardio or aerobic exercises in the Internet, or buying a work out DVD so you can get some sweat going at the comfort of your living room.

Don't we just wish we could live with all the lavish things we thought we could afford? It takes incredible willpower and maturity to recognize that we don't always have to have a jet-setting lifestyle to be happy. By giving in less to indulgences and misleading ourselves with these ¬"fabulous treats¬" for ourselves, we can begin to make smarter decisions when it comes to money and spending.

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Expensive Habits Worth Breaking




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