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Down That Electricity Bill!

by Alice C. Woodhouse
May 15, 2009
Electricity has made our lives so much easier that we canĀ't even imagine how one day it might all go away. Electricity is integral to how we live life that an hourĀ's worth of brown out sets us back and stumps us. We feel powerless without electricity and we canĀ't do anything about it but just wait it out. Our livelihood, means of entertainment and our basic needs are hampered without electricity.

Can you just imagine how much electricity the whole country is using, day in and day out, 7 hours a week, 12 months straight, 365 days in a year? It just astounds us how much percentage of that weĀ're wasting away when we could just have used it for a better purpose. You can do your own to decrease all that waste, limit the negative effects of carbon dioxide and the production of greenhouse gases, not to mention the huge savings you get by doing steps to lower your household energy consumption.

How does saving more than $30 on your water heater sound? People everywhere are lowering thermostats and you should, too! From the preset of around 140 degrees, lower it to 110-120 degrees can save you $30-$50 on your total annual bill. Not bad as a start!

Make sure your A/C and your furnaces are in excellent condition and are the right size so itĀ's not too small that it has to work double time to heat or cool your household, and itĀ's not too large that it uses up so much electricity. Check your units for efficiency. Check if they have a 14-point seasonal energy efficiency ratio or that meets the qualifications for Energy Star efficiency. Not meeting qualifications or having low ratings means that your units are blowing a huge amount of carbon dioxide emissions in the environment. Clean all your air filters, both in heating and cooling units every 3 months.

Love your yard? You need to stretch the in-between periods of mowing your lawn. Lawn mowers that use up gasoline emit NOx gases, and you donĀ't want that near you and your home because itĀ's a gas that is part of what makes up disgusting smog. If you love your yard too much to part with your mower, why not try to get a manual reel mower? It saves you from having to power it up with gasoline or electricity, both an instant win, and it still helps keep your grass in tip-top shape. If your yard is too big, opt for an electric-powered mower than one that uses up gas.

Help the world down pollution and help yourself down that electricity bill! The more ways we can learn to save, we win and we save the world one switch at a time.

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Down That Electricity Bill!




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