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by Chris Green
June 22, 2009
YouÂ'd be amazed at what you may find in dollar stores. You can find a variety of items ranging from fun and quirky to practical and functional in dollar stores.

What are some of the things you can buy at dollar stores? Here are a few practical buys you may want to source from your local dollar store if you would like to save money.

Cleaning Supplies

If you run a household you know that cleaning supplies can go real fast. This is especially true if you have kids or pets or both. And yes, men too.

Many of the popular brands can be quite expensive if you compare them to dollar store alternatives. Cleaning supplies found in a dollar store will have the same ingredients as most of the more popular brands. The difference though is the concentration. Dollar store brands, usually private label, have slightly diluted contents compared to high profile brands.

They should still be able to work nearly as well as the more costly ones. However, choose a more expensive but better product for intense clean ups and stains.

Wrapping paper

Have you ever stopped and thought about how much you spent on wrapping paper over the holidays? Not quite as little as you thought.

Wrapping paper from the dollar store can make any gift look as lovely as wrapping paper bought from a more expensive store. You just need to apply your epic gift wrapping skills to the paper.

Buying from the dollar store would save you a lot if you had to wrap multiple gifts, giveaway tokens, prizes and such.

You donÂ't even have to use traditional wrapping paper. You can use other material found at most dollar stores to give your presents a unique twist.


YouÂ'll be able to buy the same brands you see at grocery stores. Chocolates, cookies, most if not all of your favorites can be found in dollar stores. These snacks will be cheaper too than if you bought them at groceries without a coupon. Stock up on snack delights with long shelf lives. YouÂ'll never go without a midnight snack if you do.

Kitchen Tools

Why not buy your kitchen tools from the dollar store instead? You can find a lot of kitchen accessories in dollar stores from spatulas to measuring cups and spoons. However, knives are not included in the suggestion list. Good quality knives are a bit pricier but are certainly worth the price. For other non-bladed items, dollar store kitchen supplies will do the job as well.

Disney Stuff

Kids love Disney products. Disney stickers, coloring books, little action figures are a wonderful treat for your children. Stock up on some Disney material and hand them out as rewards for good behavior.

While most toys should be avoided at dollar stores, you cannot go wrong with puzzles and plastic soldiers. Organize a treasure hunt, the prize is a platoon of plastic toy soldiers. Stimulate your childÂ's mind; work on the puzzles.

These are but some of the things that you can find at dollar stores. While these may be a bargain, bear in mind that not all things you find at these stores are of good quality.

You should stay away from some items at the dollar store. Although cheaper, these itemsÂ' quality cannot be guaranteed.


These are a risky buy at dollar stores. The vitamins at dollar stores may be inadequate in formula or are not easily absorbed by the body. A better option would be to purchase brand name multivitamins. If you must, check the labels to make sure that the vitamins meet standards set by the U.S. Pharmacopeia or NSF International.

Electrical Products

Electrical products at dollar stores may not meet safety standards. Products that do not meet safety standards put not just your property but also your life at risk. Stay away from these items. They may be cheap but if an accident occurs, you will pay more than if you bought at better stores.

Vinyl lunchboxes

Dollar stores can become dumping grounds for some goods that do not meet health and safety standards. Vinyl lunchboxes can contain lead which will spread from your or your childrenÂ's hands to food. While most of these products have been recalled, some may still be found in discount and dollar stores.

The items listed here are but a few examples of what to buy and what not to buy at dollar stores. While you do find many bargains, make sure that you compromise neither your health nor your safety at the expense of saving a few more dollars.

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Dollar Stores




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