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Dollar Store Advantages and Disadvantages

by Alice Woodhouse
February 13, 2010
Dollar stores are dime a dozen, but finding a great deal for a great price is like finding a real diamond in a tumble of cubic zirconium: you have to have an eye for it. There are lots to see in a dollar stores. Sometimes you end up disappointed in the low-quality stocks, and sometimes you find a great bargain for an item or two.

But there have been a bit of an issue regarding dollar stores. Are these a friend to the pocket or a foe?


1. Price - Now, no one comes to a dollar store expecting to buy a $200 tableware right? For the incredibly low price of $1, you can still have tableware that are sufficient for daily use.

2. For the Frugal-Hearted - Dollar stores are simply a great way to see all kinds of stuff that will delight a frugal, practical heart. Everything's so cheap that even using ( discount coupons in various stores pales in comparison.

3. Lots for Less - Some people have a tendency to hoard a lot of things and still pay dirt-cheap prices. This is both a good thing and a bad thing, which we will discuss later on. From school supplies to household items, and even food items like tea, coffee and canned everything.

4. Amazing Savings - You can't save as much as up to 50% for all kinds of things. If you head off to some department chains and buy shoes, clothes and the like, you will compare the difference in the prices and the savings you get. Shopping for toys for your children is easier on the pocket at ordinary dollar stores.

5. Find Staple Products - Diapers, soaps, shampoos, detergents, rags and towels are some staples that you can get for less. They even have good quality wares like spoons, knives, plastic containers, shelves, mirrors.


1. It's Just One Dollar Mindset - For those with very little control on splurging, it's even harder to control here. I guess this is one of the main complaints of dollar stores. It's just so easy to chuck them in your basket, thinking that it won't matter much as it's just one dollar.

2. Pack Rat Behavior - Sometimes people at dollar stores hoard a lot of stuff. This pack rat behavior gets one buying a lot more than what he/she planned to get. The crunch is that it's so cheap that you get to the counter and you're overloaded with stuff you don't even need. They just negated the bargain because they bought stuff that's not necessary.

3. Impulse Buys - One of the best ways to counter this is to always have a list of the things that you need. You're going into a dollar store, so you must be frugal to the bone! If it's not on your list, you don't need them. Don't linger on an item too much or you could end up buying it.

4. Mediocre Quality Item - One of the worst thing about dollar store goods are the low quality you get on some items. T-shirts are easily torn, or it doesn't have a quality design too. Extension cords and other charger supplies are to be avoided at all cost. Electronics in general are usually made with low quality that they don't even last for long. You're better off with buying it online for cheap using EverydaySource coupon codes for all your electronic needs.

Dollar stores like Dollar Tree, Family Dollar and other popular stores are popping up everywhere! So get loads of deals for less when you shop for various items that you need.

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Dollar Store Advantages and Disadvantages



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