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Different Ways on How to Taste Wines

by Alyssa Miel
July 10, 2011
Have you ever seen wine tasters before? Do you even wonder about their rituals in tasting different kinds of wines? First they tilt the wine glass and swirl the wine. Then they will sniff the wine and gargle it before they will spit the wine out. Weird isn't it? But this ritual is very important in determining the wine's qualities so don't be surprised if you the wine tasters do those things. If you're the person who loves wine, using discount coupons will help you get your bottle of wine at a lower price.

Tasters tilt the wine glass for them to determine the wine's age. The color of the wine is very important because from it you can determine its clarity. Once the glass is tilt, you will see that young wine has darker colored edge and faintly lighter color at the edge indicates an old wine. This is also used in testing red wines. For white wines you need to look down straight at the wine to see the clarity. More sparkles in the wine indicate greater clarity. For good clarity wines you might want to order from My Wines Direct. By using My Wines Direct coupon codes you can save money on your first order as well. You will surely love their different kinds of wines, from red wines to white wines.

Swirling the wine in the glass tests the wine's body. If the wine adheres to the side of the glass, it has greater body. There are also times when the wine doesn't adhere to the glass body.

The aroma of the wine is tested by swirling it on the glass then sniffing its vapors. Younger red wines smells like berries and there is also slight smell of chocolate, liquorices, spice and mint. Older wines smell like prunes or raisons. Wines that are too old smells like vinegar. This same pattern follows when you are testing white wines. will give you the best kind of wines that you will never resist. You may save up to 40% on your purchase when you use discount codes.

Try to slip a bit of wine and rolling it over your tongue. If the tip of your tongue is tingling, it indicates a sweet wine. Acid wines will give you needles and pin-like sensations at the side of your tongue. If you feel dryness throughout your mouth, this indicates that the wine is high with tannin. Tannin is a natural preservative and you may often find them in younger red wines.

Try to observe the concentration of deep fruit in the wine before you swallow it. It wine tasting, it is advised that you swallow the wine little by little. The best of wines has a pleasant and lingering finish. You may grab your first bottle of wine and practice these rituals on your own. Use coupon codes like Wine Enthusiast coupons to get your first bottle at a certain discount.

There are a lot of wines sold all over the world and if you're a wine lover, wine tasting will be good for you. There are wine tasting tours that you might want to try out. Wine tasting is a good way to know the best wine in the market.

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Different Ways on How to Taste Wines



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