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Crankin’ That Money-Saving Mojo

by Alice C. Woodhouse
June 03, 2009
If money were that easy to make, we would spend it on everything we want in one go. Each one of us has a long list of things we want to own, places we want to travel and plans to stuff ourselves with lots of purchases. Sometimes it's all we can think about, to experience what's life like when we can have everything we wanted, thinking that it's going to add meaning and depth in our lives.

1. There are people who think that spending and having lots of things validate them as a person and make for a happy life. Spending money on things is not necessarily a bad thing, but what turns this for the worse is when we blow our money to compensate for ourselves, thinking that having a smaller home than your neighbor, having fewer shoes than your friend, having no luxury vehicles makes you feel insignificant.

2. How can we be content with what you already have? First is to recognize that you have enough. It sets the tone on that productive mojo we all want to have 24/7. You have enough to not only get by, but be comfortable with. You have an old car, already fully paid and with good insurance helps your peace of mind so much better than a recently purchased vehicle and the high interest payments you have to make for so many years to come. Learn how to appreciate that what you have gets you where you need to go and what you need to do. Why buy an iPhone when you have a perfectly functioning phone that meets your need by letting you call and text? iPhones are meant as a statement that "I'm hip, updated and in the loop" not to mention it will set you back for a couple of hundreds of dollars.

3. Hang out more with like-minded people who're into saving and stretching money. Avoid the materialistic crowd, who can only suck you in their world of shiny cars, $200 hot-off-the-racks jeans and designer brand-only jewelry and watches. It's best to avoid them than have to deal with them on a daily basis, as they can tempt you to the dark side of keeping up with the trends and fads. Despite boosting your money-saving mojo, they can dissuade you from it by wear you down with their influence.

4. Commend yourself by not worrying what other people think. There may be people who look down on your efforts on saving, laugh behind your back on your frugal means. Some family members may tease you "Ms. Cheapskate" or "Uncle Scrooge". Remember that you can't please everybody, just do what you think is best without stepping on other people. People who base their worth on what people think of them fall in unending circle of trying to better or be more pleasing, spending all the money to buy expensive cars so people will turn and look, wear the most dazzling outfits to gain admiration, or color their hair and get a spray tan so that their peers will approve. Don't be afraid to show who you really are, and don't be afraid to look "uncool" because you're saving money. Soon they'll be the ones who will look up to you as you finally gain financial independence and real success.

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Crankin’ That  Money-Saving Mojo




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