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Saving Money on Collector’s Items and Memorabilia

by Alice Woodhouse
February 25, 2010
Thing about being a collector is that only the most dedicated prevail and amass the best collections they're interested in. A collection speaks volumes about the very effort done to get the very best at a price that doesn't go over your savings.

Where to start:

Start by looking at inexpensive places, like your local hobby stores. You may be surprised as to what you can find there. We all start small, and what better way to start than at a store designed for hobby and collectibles where you can find many things of interest for sale for a dollar or even less. Whether you're into collecting small figurines or carved wood decors, you're sure to find them in their specific aisles or shelves. Be also extra friendly to the shop attendant or the owner, so you can get first dibs and great promotional discounts. They can also help you in your collection, as they can order specific items if there is any that fits you collection. It pays to be friendly and nice.

You can also check vintage shops or specialty shops, though you have to expect that they usually have a higher price than common stores. Vintage anything usually has a special price which can be expensive, except when you're in the market for vintage bath fixtures to adorn your home and you use Vintage Tub and Bath coupons. Ordinarily, a vintage collector's item has a 10% mark-up and it is expected in the item, especially when it's a one-of-a-kind or what you're looking for is imported and takes a long time to find.

Trying for a Rare Find:

There are people who collect 18th century, silver hand mirrors and would like to add a silver hand mirror reported to have been used in the boudoir of the late Queen Marie Antoinette. That a piece of history is a rare find for an item, and the ownership of that is what separates an ordinary collector from a dedicated one. But the very price of the said hand mirror is exorbitant that someone simply trying to start a collection couldn't very well afford. If you can't afford it, you're better off without it than become thousands of dollars poorer because of a hand mirror.

Another example is for people who collect wines that have been aged well and carefully handled by the best wine houses in the world. Checking wine collections? Don't forget your Wine Access promo codes. Wine connoisseurs more discriminating, that's why they have wine auctions where they can get the finest wine at a price lower than they would find if they were to buy it at a store. Scour your local area for upcoming wine auctions or check out websites like or

There's Money In Your Collection, Too

Taking good care of your collection gives you better returns in case you want to sell or trade one for a price higher than what you bought it for. You can participate in group trades or in conventions. If you're a Star Wars collector, you can buy and sell in the yearly popular convention to get profits and to expand your collection as well. Find great collector's item for less, Marvel Shop discount coupons lets you build your character collection even more. Remember that the most important thing after purchasing a collector's item is to take care of them.

You've invested a lot of time and money to amass what you have, so don't waste it. It's better if you get Modern Furniture online promos if you buy great shelves to store your collection in. Check out the best storage tips, as all collections have various storage instructions to keep it safe and free from dirt or dust.

Always remember to save and save and save some more. Put away a small amount of money that will go to your next purchase to add to your collection. Budget your money well. There's really no getting around to this. You can use all the discount coupon codes in the world, but if you have no money to pay for it, you're never going to get it. Have fun with your collection and enjoy the thrill of the hunt!

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Saving Money on Collector’s Items and Memorabilia



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