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Buy One Get One Free Deals

by Chris Green
June 27, 2009
Buy one get one free deals is a special deal offered by many retailers. This is one of the most effective marketing strategies for goods.

Originally, buy one get one free deals were offered at the end of the season to move excess stocks quickly. Buy one get one free was a marketing tool that many record companies used in the early 80s to sell more albums.

The novelty of using the buy one get one free deal as a special offer may have worn off since many companies now offer this deal. However, shoppers still have not changed. They still love this kind of offer and are always on the lookout for great buy one get one free deals.

This promotional offer allows a shopper to save up to a hundred percent on their purchase of an item. However, the savings depend on how the offer is constructed. Many buy one get one free deals have certain conditions that have to be fulfilled before the shopper can avail of the special offer.

While a buy one get one free deal is good, a buy one get one free deal with a coupon is even better.

If you have a coupon, you can have an even better deal.

Example, when the cashier rings up your purchase, the first item may be charged at full price and the next at zero. With a coupon, the cashier may deduct the full price from the first one. You end up with two items you didnâ€TMt have to pay for. Thatâ€TMs a hundred percent savings right there. Isnâ€TMt that an even better deal than buy one get one free?

Here is another scenario with using a coupon to maximize your buy one get one free deal. A store may have a policy against giving two free items. In this case, get four items. The cashier will then charge full for the first two items and zero for the other two. With your coupon, the other item charged in full will now be charged zero. Essentially, you bought one item and got three for free.

A seventy-five percent savings is a great way to stock up on anything.

Alternately, the cashier may charge you half price for each item when availing of the buy one get one free deal. Using your coupon will give you a full price discount on one item.

While buy one get one free deals are usually very good, not all these deals can actually save you money. This is especially true for buy one get one free car deals. Be very careful of high ticket purchases like these ones. You may feel like you have saved money. In truth though, you have not saved anything at all. Always step back and think about the purchase. Will the free car be similar or less in value? What about taxes and insurance? As the costs mount, you will find that the free car isnâ€TMt really such a wonderful deal after all.

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Buy One Get One Free Deals



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