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An Urbane Treasure Chest

by Alexis Andrews
July 14, 2008
If King Solomon's Mine was an online site and what he held within was a stash of opportunities to save money, would be its exact location and it wouldnÂ't be so hard to find nor would it remain a secret. is a consumers mine, with hundreds of coupon codes for top- brands like Gap, Apple Computers, Kodak, and North Face and promo offers from leading online retailers such as Sears, Circuit City, and Esprit US, we have a discount code for practically all of your online shopping needs.

With an active web browser, anyone can enjoy our services, free of charge. Simply, log on to our website, no registration required, search for a coupon code or a promo code of the item or service you want to purchase either by store or category. And when you find it, you` ll be on your way to shopping for less while saving at the same time.'s website is structured to provide an efficient and easy way for online consumers to find a coupon code to match their shopping list. The website is also regularly updated so shoppers won't have to miss out on great bargains or shop without getting a little extra in return of their investment.

In this ultra urbane world, where millions of people scour the net for virtually all their needs, we, at, would like to do our share of empowering consumers with information so they could make intelligent choices, get their money's worth, and save that dollar when and where ever the possibility to do so is available.

From a sports enthusiast, to an electronics nut, to a book lover, to a travel aficionado, an online shopping fanatic, or simply a coupon code devotee, we identify with you. And that is why we put up this website, brought together all the promo codes, discount coupons, rebate codes, and promotional offers we could find , arrange them into one neat bundle, and voila! Your very own King SolomonÂ's mine of great buys and savings, no map required.

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An Urbane Treasure Chest



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