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7 Simple Tips for Shooting Digital Photos

by Jane Conway
July 19, 2011
Do you have trouble choosing good photos? Maybe you have been taking photos for quite some time but never

really got the beautiful shots you've always wanted. You somehow messed up the photos you took of important

events, like your kid's birthday party or your trip to Paris. You can imagine the frustration when photos of

memorable events got out ugly.

So how do you begin to take photos? The first thing to remember is this: It's the photographer that takes

great photos not the camera. I've seen people take great photos with a simple point and shoot camera, while

some take lousy shots with the most expensive SLRs. Below are some tips on shooting digital photos and try to

apply them the next time you have a chance:

  1. Know Your Camera

    This sounds familiar. If you buy digital camera, you owe it to yourself to understand its ins and outs. Learn

    how to control exposure, how to use different camera modes and how to use the flash. The knowledge you gain

    about your camera will be invaluable when you're out taking those special photos. If you want to have an easy

    to use digital camera and would like to save big on purchases you may use href="">Kodak coupons.

  2. Learn to control the flash.

    It is one of the most important things you need to know about digital photography. Depending on situation, you

    need to switch on or off the flash. For example, when you are taking outdoor photos sometimes it is good to

    turn on the flash to illuminate the subject especially if he or she is in the shade. You can also turn off the

    flash when taking indoor shots. Using the flash indoors will result in unnatural skin color and harsh glare in

    your photos.

  3. Play with the Macro Mode.

    Almost all of the digital camera these days have macro mode. This setting is ideal for taking close up shots

    of objects like flowers or insects. What you will do is to pick a subject, turn on the macro mode, then get as

    close to it as your camera will allow you. Make sure that you allow the camera to focus properly before

    pressing the shutter button fully.

  4. Hold the camera level.

    Basic rule of photography is to hold the camera level. Since most of digital cameras come with LCD, you can

    use it to properly frame your shots. Try to look for the horizontal lines and use them as guides. A good

    example of this is to make use of the horizon when you're taking photos of a sunset.

  5. Use a tripod.
  6. It is useful if you're taking shots under low-light conditions or trying to capture fast moving objects.

    Always try to look for a tripod that is convenient to carry around. You don't need a huge on if you're going

    to use it for personal use. Just use a simple compact one that is easy to pack. B&H Photos offers the best

    quality of tripods and other camera accessories. Get these at a discount price using href="">B&H Photo coupon codes.

  7. Play with the ISO setting.

    Learning how to use the ISO setting in digital cameras very useful. The ISO setting controls its sensitivity

    to the light. If you're taking a photo of a still object, like a flower, then always use a low ISO setting. It

    allows for a longer shutter speed and produces cleaner image. If you're shooting a moving object, then a

    higher ISO setting like 400 would be better. Higher ISO setting gives faster shutter spend and requires less


  8. Have enough memory capacity.

    Make sure that you always have enough memory capacity in your digital camera.

    2 megapixel cameras - should have at least 64MB card.

    3 megapixel cameras - should have at least 128MB card.

    4 megapixel cameras - should have at least 256MB card.

    5 megapixel camera and about - should have at least 512MB or 1GB card.

    Always remember, the latest and greatest digital cameras have amazing features, you still need a skilled

    photographer to take nice pictures. Try to apply the above tips to your everyday shooting and learn to be a

    better photographer. For services for all your traditional and digital needs, including order prints and

    enlargements, Ritzpix can help you with that at a lower price using Ritzpix promotional codes.

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7 Simple Tips for Shooting Digital Photos



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