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4 Best Money-Saving Tips To Keep In Mind When Buying Groceries

by Alice Woodhouse
March 31, 2010

There's really no going around buying groceries, even if you live like a hermit, you still need a couple of things to stock up on. The challenge here is to get the best deals by knowing where best to shop, what brands you can save on and what coupons to watch out for so you can

What every frugal shopper must know:

1. Know how to clip the right coupons and never be afraid or embarrassed to use them. Even when doing shopping for anything, both in brick and mortar stores or even for online retailers. Promo offers are not just for groceries, they can be used for apparel, home furnishing, car parts, services and more. Clipping coupons mean that you want to get more bang for your buck, making sure that discounts work for you and to get you more items or better deals for your purchases.

2. Never leave home without a grocery list. Whether you're ready to shop at the local grocer or with your coupon offers for online grocery shopping, a grocery list is important in more ways than one. You are going to shop for everything that you need and it also lowers compulsive shopping. Don't settle for a hastily-written grocery list, always make time for it earlier in the week or at least a day before you really need to go out to the supermarket to replenish your stock at home. Check your fridge and pantry, as well as cupboards and the like. Make sure that what' you're only getting is what's in your detailed list and that the total amount is just about what you budgeted for it.

3. As much as possible, do your grocery alone. It's bad enough having to curb your self from putting unnecessary items into your grocery cart, you don't need extra help in that in the form of your children. There's always the chance of your child trying to ask you to buy some stuff. It's okay if you can afford it and its something small and inconsequential in terms of the price. Bringing along your spouse or partner may also not help, especially if you know he/she easily picks a few items that you don't really plan on getting or have no budget for it.

4. Always find the best-priced item and purchase that. Here enters the whole debate about brand names and generic items. Brand names have a reputation to be expensive, or at least a couple of dollars more expensive than generic brands. Don't stop yourself from purchasing personal care items that come in generic brands, because it just may be the same as the branded one you're getting only cheaper, and you save a lot of money in the long run. Common brands even for skin care and make up are mostly known to be made of quality ingredients. It's not branded, but it's good enough, and even more if you use DHC coupon discount codes. Simply avoid focusing on one branded brand alone.

On your next trip to the grocery store, challenge yourself by aiming for getting the best deals you can ever find. Its easy to shave off a couple of dollars on your trip to the grocery as long as you know where to go, know what brands are on sale and how to clip discount coupons to get the maximum savings for your grocery budget.

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4 Best Money-Saving Tips To Keep In Mind When Buying Groceries



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