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3 Simple Ways To Eating Healthy While Minimizing Your Carbon Footprint

by Alexa Stephens
July 16, 2010
Minimizing your carbon footprint is about commitment. It takes time and effort that may not be always easy at the beginning. But embarking on a personal campaign to lessen your impact to the environment is a worthy cause. A lot of times, all it takes is the willingness to accept the possibility of forming new habits that can help you achieve your goal. Saving is actually a habit that indirectly supports the ideals of managing your carbon footprint. Learn how to save money with coupons and manage your carbon footprint.

The food you eat at any given time significantly affects your total carbon footprint. Use a footprint calculator to measure your carbon footprint and see how your eating habits contribute to your total impact. Doing this gives you a fair idea just how important smart eating is in managing your foodprint. This helps you appreciate just how significant the role of the food you eat not only to your health but also to the environment.

The good news is that you can easily make adjustments to lower your foodprint without spending more. In fact, you just have to make full use of online deals that help you make smarter choices on the products and produce you purchase.

Here are three simple ways you can eat healthy while minimizing your foodprint:

Grow What You Can

Try to grow some of the produce that you frequently buy in the grocery. There are fruits, vegetables, or herbs that you can grow in your backyard or in containers that you can place in your kitchen or patio. If you do not have a garden yet, this may be the good time to start one.

Learn how to grow vegetables and fruits or ask for help from your family or friends. You can get discounts on items you need to grow your garden using White Flower Farm coupons. The time you spent tending to your garden will be well rewarded once you start harvesting produce that you would otherwise buy in the market.

Cook More Often

Cooking saves you food and gas money usually spent driving to restaurants for a meal. You can stay home and prepare your own food instead of going out to look for a place to eat. Preparing your own food gives you the freedom to choose the ingredients more carefully. It is also a good chance for you to use some of the produce you harvested from your garden.

Sometimes the idea of cooking can be daunting but there are ways to learn how to create healthy meals from the simplest ingredients. Equip your kitchen with the necessary equipment or tools to make cooking easier for you. You can get the resources you need using Cooking Enthusiast coupons. You can also save on groceries with Vons promotional codes.

Replenish Your Fruit Basket

Weight management is essentially about balance and moderation. You need to rethink your diet. Review your grocery list. You may be investing more on certain food groups and missing out on others that are equally important to keep you healthy. Make the most out of the health benefits of fruits and stock up on the freshest produce you can get using online codes like The Fruit Company coupons.

There are several ways you can enjoy a serving of fruit. Having a constant supply of fruits at home helps you to avoid snacking on junk foods. You can also use the fruits as ingredients when you bake or cook for your family or friends.

Your carbon footprint depends on the small and big things that make up your daily activities and food choices. The small things, when added up, become bigger things. Any effort you make to adjust or change, no matter how small or big it may be contributes both to your wellbeing and the environment's.

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3 Simple Ways To Eating Healthy While Minimizing Your Carbon Footprint



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