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3 Important Appliances to Spend On To Save Money!

by Alice C. Woodhouse
June 15, 2009
Saving money is not all about hoarding every dollar and putting it immediately in a piggybank, it is also about spending on thing that will help you save money in the long run. It seems counter-intuitive to shell out money to be able to save, but here are the essential things that certainly will play a big part in keeping costs down low:

Buy both LED lights and a clothes rack now! No, this post isn't selling anything to you, but here is why you should: Cost-efficient LED or CF lights will cost you money up front, but installing LED lights in your household helps in minimizing electrical bill over time. Both compact fluorescent lights and LED use up 2/3 less energy compared to regular light bulbs, approximately $10 a year for every 100-watt regular bulb replaced. It will also pay in the long run as it last longer than those bulbs. Lower your bill drastically by air-drying your clothes. Doing this will save over $100 a year compared to using a dryer. Install a clothes line in your backyard or a clothes rack if you live in an apartment or a small living space. Reduce your utility bill and enjoy brighter light fixtures and still get your clothes dry on time!

Investing on programmable thermostat is always wise choice. Households are burdened with high energy consumption with their heating and cooling systems. 1 out of 3 houses still rely on manual thermostat, and if you're household is one then you should seriously consider changing to programmable. It helps in automatically adjusting the temperature, therefore ensuring that you have the correct temperature all the time. Adjust temperature according to a preset schedule, so it lowers energy consumption at night, or when you are asleep. Or when part of the house is not occupied, or when you're out. Programmable thermostats have a capability to store and repeat settings.

Save on water by buying a low-flow shower head and water filters for your kitchen faucet. Regular shower heads are infamous for high water consumption, and also their annoying feature to use up a lot of heated water. By purchasing low-flow shower heads, you get a more efficient device that lets you save as much as 30% of your regular water consumption. Replacing a shower head from 4-gallon-per minute to 2.5-gallon-per minute will save a person who showers for around 20-30 minutes as much as $100 annually. Low-flow doesn't mean that you'd end up showering in droplets, as it still provide a strong spray of water and it can also help in making hot water last longer.

Water filters are inexpensive but it can go a long way in helping you get cleaner water for your kitchen. Spend less on bottled water, water dispenser and avoid water-borne diseases with this item!

Spending money on the right things can truly save, especially if it pays for itself in the long run. Though purchasing and installing these appliances may require money, at least it's going somewhere worthwhile, not being wasted on excess and inefficiency. This is what we call long-term savings and investing in better things for our household!

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3 Important Appliances to Spend On To Save Money!




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