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3 Best-Kept Secrets of Bargain Cooks

by Alice Woodhouse
February 16, 2010
When the economy took a turn for the worse, we all manage to keep up with tightening our belts and making do with a smaller household budget. Learning to keep the kitchen well-stocked for less is the best way to combat the rising cost of living. But there are secrets to being able to dish out well-rounded and healthy meals everyday without sacrificing the budget to buy expensive ingredients.

Frugal cooking secrets revealed:

1. Shopping for groceries almost always brings up the debate about generic brands versus the more expensive but "branded" food brands. There are some that say generic brands are not at par with the more popular brands, but there are few that have argued that this isn't true and it's only a ploy to get you to buy the more expensive item. Brand names rarely make a difference when it comes to canned items, preserved jams, sugar, salt or flour. Generic brands always come at a price tag way cheaper than most.

- Some generic brands have better taste, so don't scratch them off from your list entirely. Try different generic brands to determine the items you like best.

2. "Buying in Bulk" is always at the top of the list of any frugal shopping tips you can find. Buying in bulk coupled with the right coupon codes is the magic combination for any bargain cook! But there is something you should be thinking about before hoarding all the staple items you plan on bulk buying. Bulk buying when it comes to food is a double-edged sword. You will have lots of food but they are still perishable items that may spoil in a short amount of time. There is also a matter of storage. Where will you put a whole lot of canned foods or huge bags of cereals? Certain foods have specific storage instructions. Never buy in bulk a new brand you haven't tested or used for at least a month. No matter how delicious the first taste seemed, you'll never know how it will ever fit into your daily meal.

- Buying in bulk is always a great thing when it comes to dry goods like rice, beans, flour and all things that don't spoil for even weeks of not being used.

- Buy in bulk all the spices and herbs that you always use in your cooking. They are an essential part of the kitchen. Never leave the grocery without cinnamon, vanilla, nutmeg, garlic powder, turmeric, dried basil and oregano and more.

3. Bargain cooks never shop without a store screaming SALE all over its place, or at least without a whole lot of discount promo coupons on their hands... They don't call themselves "bargain cooks" for nothing, with special emphasis on the bargain part. A bargain cook always has a complete and thorough list on their hands and a strong intent to get the most items for less. Even when you do grocery shopping for sites like and one of the two biggest e-grocery in the internet today, so its not hard to find Vons coupon promo codes and Peapod discount coupons.

If there's anything that bargain cooks everywhere are known for, it's their ability to spot a cheap thing and use it to their advantage and they never sacrifice quality just to save on a few dollars. Bargain cooks always know how to balance quality and price!

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3 Best-Kept Secrets of Bargain Cooks



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