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   Betsey Johnson is a top fashion designer renowned for her amazing sense of style and individuality! This New York fashion designer invites you to shop her latest collection online. Her dresses are know to be loud, studded with embellishments, her accessories are the over the top! Betsey Johnson doesn't know the word SIMPLE, or rather rejects this notion and creates magnificent styles, designed to reflect her own fun loving attitude.
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Betsey Johnson Coupons: Affordably Working Your Personal Style Into Your Office Wear

By Marian Shepard
January 22, 2010

Every woman that works in a corporate setting has the same dilemma: how does she bring her own personal style

into her office wardrobe? Also, how does one not end up spending a ton of cash when you transfer from one job

that didn't require corporate attire to another and vice versa without emptying your meager bank account?

As with everything these days, people are turning to the Internet for solutions to both problems - for

minimizing expenses, there's always online coupon codes. For the

other dilemma, there are tons of websites dedicated to helping women figure out styles that work for them.

Here's a few pointers picked up from the websites of fashion pros:

· Always know the office dress code before showing

up for your first day. In fact, you should be observing the people who work there during your interviews with

the company. How do they dress? Do they have personal touches in their outfits, such as a scarf, or a vibrant

handbag? These are essential clues to help you match your clothing to theirs and make you feel like a part of

the team from the get-go.

· When changing careers entails a change of wardrobe, don't toss out everything that doesn't fit with

the dress code. Check to see if you can pair clothes you already own to make them into outfits that fit the

office's dress code. Then to mix things up a little and add a personal touch, purchase accent pieces. You

don't have to spend too much - you can even use Betsey Johnson coupons to purchase unique accessories from the designer's site.

· Don't go overboard with your personal touch - remember to edit your look, keeping in mind the

corporate atmosphere of your office. If you're wearing a crimson scarf, then maybe the strappy stiletto heels

can be worn another day. If you're worried of the cost of good quality accent pieces, gather up a bunch of

Betsey Johnson coupon codes and shop for perfectly tasteful accessories with just the right amount of

pizzazz at just the right price.

· Color is an essential element of your wardrobe, and just because you work in an office doesn't mean

you can't have a splash of red, orange or pink. Just don't drown yourself in color - a single splash is a

statement, an outfit all done in turquoise and pink is a faux pas.

· Jewelry is a very powerful tool for self-expression. Your pieces should be well chosen to accent your

clothes and your assets. That is, if you want to call attention to your face, you can wear a pair of stunning

earrings. If you're seeking to accent your movements, a single bracelet can make a strong statement. Just

make sure not to pile the pieces on - one strong piece is all you need, especially at the office.

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Contact Betsey Johnson:

2346 E. Pacifica Place
Rancho Dominguez, CA 90220



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