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Feel beautifully pampered even when you’re pinching pennies

By Marian Shepard
April 09, 2010

Pampering yourself on a budget doesn't have to mean opting for lower-quality products and neglecting your daily skin care routines. It's all about shopping smart and finding the best products at the best price possible.

One of the ultimate pleasures in life is fine perfume - and it happens to be one of the items which is so hard to scrimp on. But that's not saying it's impossible to find lower-priced perfume. Aside from the proliferation of online coupons such as Scentiments coupon codes that offer consumers designer perfumes without the designer price tags, there are a few tricks that allow you to purchase the same items at less than their usual price. One such trick is to wait until right after a major gift-giving holiday before seeking to purchase perfume. Stores usually stock up on their supplies in time for Christmas, Valentines, and Mother's Day, and seek to get rid of unsold inventory at lower prices soon after the holidays.

Another tip is to keep tabs of new releases. Perfume and cosmetics manufacturers will usually hold a sale before a new product line comes out, or right after. Keep yourself updated by signing up for your favorite cosmetic company's newsletter - a lot of these companies have electronic newsletters you can have sent directly to your personal email - to find out when the best sales are happening.

Find out what spa treatments you can give yourself in the comfort of your own home, such as facials and foot spa treatments. Many stores that carry bath and wellness products carry aromatic salts that can be placed in the tub for a luxurious soak that rejuvenates the skin and spirit but costs a mere fraction of what the same treatment would in a spa.

Treat yourself to something nice but inexpensive every now and then. A little occasional indulgence is the key to keeping from feeling deprived. Have a professional facial done every quarter or so, or a manicure or pedicure done, and you will have the benefit of feeling and looking pretty without depleting your bank account. If you're feeling particularly extravagant, get a massage - it will help you feel heaps better and won't overly strain your budget.

If you're seeking a full pampering experience, find friends who are willing to pool resources to get a group package at a day spa. Due to the economy, a lot of these establishments offer group discounts and packages that cost less than when you come in for individual treatments. Choose a package that allows you to save the most money and fits in with your groups needs, and you're all set. As an added bonus, you get to spend an entire day - or at least an afternoon - with friends, just relaxing and catching up on each other's lives.

How I Prepared for My Date – With Online Deals

By Alexis Andrews
October 05, 2008

So I signed up for Facebook, Multiply, MySpace, Friendster, and Twitter to find romance. What a silly notion! Not that I’ve been completely unsuccessful; these days, you can get anything done on the power of a mouse-and-keyboard-armed fingertip. I even managed to set up a date with a sweet, curly-haired, hazel-eyed South African exchange student and literature major from the same university that I am studying in. Her name is Angelica, and she’s one of the main reasons why I have gained greater faith in all kinds of online deals, not least of which is the romantic kind.

Angelica and I are scheduled to have dinner this Saturday night – it might be Chinese dimsum. According to chat mates and online buddies, I am a smooth talker, so I am not nervous about having to make conversation. But still, I am almost fretting. How do I prepare for the big date? Luckily, I am sitting at my computer desk and staring at the solution, or the source of solutions: the Internet.

First, to rid myself of acne, and, in the process, restore my confidence. I don’t profess to be metrosexual, but of course I won’t be the one to turn down health and beauty online deals that will help clean my facial blemishes, reduce discoloration, control pimple breakouts, and refine my skin texture. Using promo codes, I thus purchased a B. Kamins Medicated Acne Gel, which contains the acne-banishing ingredient benzoyl peroxide. From now on, there would be no need to Photoshop my face; I hope that Angelica will be pleased.

Another predicament that needed addressing was the decision on what to wear: to be formal or casual? Understatedly stylish or swaggeringly flamboyant? In times like these, I had to trust Perry Ellis, a brand with more than enough online deals on its official website from which to choose. I ordered a paisley print casual shirt and a long-sleeved corduroy polo and, using Perry Ellis coupon codes, had these two very fashionable items shipped for free, right on my doorstep. Amazing, isn’t it? I didn’t even have to set out on a tiring trip to department stores.

Now dashing and dapper, I still had to think of something with which to present Angelica on our first date. I checked out several online deals on gifts and flowers, and was overwhelmed by the number of possibilities. A simple peck on the cheek doesn’t just cut it these days; besides, a tangible gift will make the first impression last, and the first memory more memorable. A corsage? A bundle of roses? Maybe a CD of her favorite singer (India Arie, according to her Facebook profile)? A Red Envelope promotion code then caught my eye, something about romantic gifts under fifty dollars each, and that’s how I came to purchase a Friendship Bracelet strung with multifaceted chips of semiprecious amethyst. It had a clasp that was engraved with the word, “Friends"; just so Angelica doesn’t get the idea that I am rushing in, you know? Only fools do that, or so a song goes.

Will You Still Love Me if I Began to Use Coupons?

By Alexis Andrews
September 24, 2008

Will you still love me if I began to use coupons? I know that previously I had been an extravagant, carefree, spendthrift shopper, an obscenely generous husband, one who gave you the world even if it wasn’t Valentine’s Day. Or even if it wasn’t our anniversary. But today’s times are hard, and the economy is experiencing a scary decline. We’ve officially hit a recession, or so the news on TV say. If I had to give you love, it must be of the frugal kind.

I can no longer afford a dozen bouquets of white roses on rainy days, and I cannot continue to buy boxes of white chocolates on sunny ones. Now, should I decide to look for gifts and flowers to give you, I might have to spend extra time conducting research on the Internet. I might have to look for items that come with free shipping – since I can’t waste any more money on paying extra. At any rate, they say, a deal negotiated thoroughly or a deal discounted big is a deal well done.

I am afraid to tell you that we might be dining out less often. I know: it’s going to be very hard to detach ourselves from candle-lit dinners at restaurants, just the two of us, enjoying ourselves with the wine and the song and the dance and the sweet nothings. And I know that it’s going to be very hard learning how to cook meals at home. If it helps, I will buy you a recipe book. You know, the kind that comes with coupons inserted between the pages? You will find these helpful for when you shop for cheaper ingredients. When you’ve hinged your jaw back into place after making rounds of the grocery aisles, you’ll probably even thank me.

Will you still love me if I join the throngs of discount shoppers on clearance sales? If I disappear on 50% off dates on Sears or K-Mart? The long lines, the disorganized racks, the eternity of clipping and redeeming coupons: these make for a great inconvenience, but I swear to you that my going penny-wise doesn’t mean I don’t love you as much as before. And please do understand if the night gown that I got you from Victoria’s Secret was from last season’s catalog. Hey, maybe you can make your own fashion and not be too conformist and current.

I do make a commitment of occasional pampering. Besides, that is one way to relieve ourselves of the stress wrought by a fallen economy. If you suddenly decide that you need a designer fragrance, a bath and body collection, a new set of cosmetics, a trip to the nail and hair salon, or a visit to the spa, all of these to help you feel good about yourself and make yourself look beautiful, then let me know. By all means! I still love you, and you still make me go crazy. Only, don’t waste the monthly glossies and the Sunday papers: clip the coupons, too, for the products that promote health and beauty. We can go cheap but we can’t go ugly.

The Total Gym Machine: Exclusive Just For You

By Alexis Andrews
August 21, 2008

In our everyday life we encounter stress and depression. It is true that our physical bodies will experience fatigue. Hench, it should not be a hindrance in maintaining our relationships to our kids, husbands or wives, and friends. To bust stress we ought to be fit.

The true nature of fitness comes to a life of choosing our fitness lifestyle. It's about having a certain mindset, a certain attitude towards your own being. So would you really like to know what it means to be fit? True fitness is about growing mentally, physically and spiritually.

It is easy to know physical fitness, as it is akin to healthy eating, adapted exercise and a fine tuned daily supplementation of food supplements. You have to get physical every morning as muscles tend to be softer and flexible at that this time of the day.

Then eating several meals a day, with matching right proportions and the right nutrients, don’t forget to , drink enough water, and add lots of whole cereals, having proteins and complex carbs at each meal. Bear in mind that nutrition is 50% of your physical shape.

Next, is to hit at the gym for an hour such as those gyms that is located in your area. However, I recommend you to do it within the confines and at the comfort of your homes because it doesn’t make any sense if you have to shell out some money to buy a 4 gallon of gas or more to arrive at your destined gym.

Just try our

TOTAL GYM SAVINGS CODES to avail a less regular product offer on our state of the art gym machine which is endorsed by no less than Chuck Norris himself. This makes sense because you don’t need to go out and pay some membership fees and feed your gas guzzler vehicle for a ride to the nearest gym in your vicinity.

Yes, it's about having the body and health you want right? Try to look at the money angle too. Whereas, you would be able to save much if you make a deal with this TOTAL GYM SAVINGS CODES. I mean the product that we would like to present to you. It is proven effective and durable. With the Total Gym you can have a complete body work out in 30 minutes, slim and fit. You can exercise at least 4x a week, which I wouldn't do if I had to schedule time at a gym.

If you own one you would exactly feel like a feather, I mean a light weight person who is healthier, more active, more confident, and feel younger than ever.

So, Fitness is not something that comes quickly, put that in your mind first, because you have to think of what is best for you and invest in a fashion that you can afford, right? It's the result of a complete transformation of your inner being and the sum of daily positive and healthy habits. Plus a combination of our wonderful total gym machine in your nice pad.

For more information try to look at our Promo Codes for more details and more chances of finding great savings giveaways, hurry.



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