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   Beauty Bridge is one of the leading multi-channel retailers of skin care products, mineral cosmetics and makeup, bath & body, hair & nail care products and also fragrances. Beauty Bridge has been serving thousands of customers and shipping millions of products since 2002. For your beauty needs, Beauty Bridge provides you just about everything you need. You are guaranteed with the best products from the popular brands such as Vera Wang, Burberry, Murad, Priori, Janson Beckett, and more.
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Beauty Bridge promotional codes: bringing you affordable skin renewal

By Marian Shepard
January 26, 2010

It's a little known beauty secret that while hydration is the cornerstone of every beauty regimen that promotes healthy and younger-looking skin, proper exfoliation is the key to making it work. Beauty Bridge promotional codes are helping to bring out fresher, fairer faces all over the country by promoting proper exfoliation practices. Most people know that the secret to beautiful skin is regular moisturizing, but few people know that it's exfoliation that helps moisturizing agents do their work.

This is because the epidermis, or the topmost layer of our skin, is actually composed of dead skin cells. As we go about our day-to-day business, skin cells routinely die and are replaced. Sometimes the dead skin cells rub off on clothing and other surfaces, but most of the time they collect on the skin's surface. When there's a considerable buildup of dead skin cells, our skin can look waxy, dull, and grayish, even though right beneath this slayer are healthy cells creating more healthy cells.

This layer of dead skin cells does more damage than just make your skin look unsightly. It also encourages blemishes like blackheads, whiteheads, and pimples. This is because these dead cells also clog the skin's pores, causing irritation and sebum buildup.

Exfoliation removes the dead skin cells and helps prevent these things from happening. The act of removing the topmost layer also helps remove dark marks left behind b y scarring from previous acne breakouts as well.

It used to be that to get exfoliated, you had to go to a spa and get a body scrub, which may have been very effective, but cost a pretty penny. Today, there are a lot of excellent products available in a wide range of prices, both in brick and mortar stores and online. These can range from the inexpensive to the very expensive, but there are ways of obtaining the premium quality products at less than list price. Online coupons are a popular method of cutting costs on quality exfoliant products, especially Beauty Bridge promotional codes.

The trick is to exfoliate properly. As bad as not exfoliating may be for your skin, sloughing off too much of your skin's top layer is even worse, leaving you with damaged skin. The first rule of exfoliating is not to overdo it - don't exfoliate more than twice a week in order to give your skin cells time to recover and regenerate. Choose a gently abrasive product - avoiding natural scrubs that have sharp edges that may cut and damage your skin. Instead, choose cleansers that advertise microbeads, which have smooth edges for a gentler exfoliation. Furthermore, you should always tone and moisturize right after you exfoliate, nourishing the newly exposed skin.

Finally, know the signs of over exfoliated skin - watch out for any redness, irritation, or burning, and immediately discontinue the use of the product.

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