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B2B coupons to help small businesses stay afloat in trying times

By Marian Shepard
April 08, 2010

Difficult economic times tend to hit smaller businesses hard, especially the ones that are just starting out. Sometimes a fledgling business might have to shut down in hard times if it didn't manage its limited resources properly.

That is not to say that every small business will shut down from financial crises. Indeed, it is in times of adversity that the best businesses are born. All a business owner has to know is how to survive long enough and keep the business above water until better times allow for better business growth.

From the growing need of businesses to economize on all its resources, an industry trend is born - B2B online coupons. Some service providers that cater specifically to other businesses have begun cutting their prices in an attempt to become more competitive in the now cutthroat market.

Almost all direct suppliers offer bulk discounts and various other cost cutting alternatives without compromising quality. As long as you are a discerning business owner, you can take advantage of many services and products offered at less than listed price - from printing services to customized checkbooks.

Some of it is just common sense - like buying office supplies in bulk or choosing to buy them when they're on sale, or simply allowing your salespeople to telecommute instead of having them in the office or on the road all the time. It also pays to curb the unnecessary use of utilities by simply unplugging all electrical appliances at the end of the working day, aside from the security system and the main servers, if you have them.

Some budget saving techniques are trickier - like cross-training your employees so that they are competent in more than one job function and ready to take on additional roles within the company. This has some drawbacks - employees who are more competent are worth more, and eventually, you may train them to become overqualified for the job they hold with you, or they could become unsatisfied with their work load. While cross-training does increase office efficiency with a minimum of cost and effort, it is definitely a technique to use only after careful consideration.

Part of managing resources also means training employees to respect office supplies and property such as office furniture and fixtures. If people are more careful with things, then that means you won't spend more money renovating or replacing things broken by simple carelessness or misuse. Maybe you could have mandatory training sessions for your employees on the proper use of certain office equipment, from the basic computers to even the copy machines. This is useful for everyone, even the people who don't use the equipment regularly. Such measures will teach employees the basic skills and hopefully minimize the misuse of the machines.

Save on Printing Costs Using B2B Coupon Codes

By Alice C. Woodhouse
March 07, 2009

For small business owners, their biggest problem is managing business costs for the long run. A few of these problems cause gradual but severe drain in the company profits; especially cost issues about high price of gas and fuel for company cars and company-owned delivery trucks. Owners also have to face the high electricity consumption of the entire office, and the never-ending problem in the loss and easy depletion of office supplies and stocked inventories.

Cost cutting can be difficult for owners, and slashing costs is easier said than done as it could also make or break your business. It's a tough choice to make and the looming pressure makes it all seem daunting. Most businesses struggling to stay afloat in today's market are doing all that they can, some doing very poorly that they even almost decimate their employees and other staff, freezing bonuses, stopped all marketing campaigns and lessened advertisement costs. But are these hazardous ways going to make all the problems go away? Experts say that going overboard with cost cutting could do more damage.

A great tip for small business entrepreneurs would be to watch out for those little costs that “leak in small dripsÂ" especially in the early stages of starting their business, as those leaks tend to accumulate into something serious. Some owners don't even detect these leaks, too, until it's too late. For example, when buying office equipments, you don't need the expensive computer chairs. The cost of a high-end office equipment like that is just too much. No matter how ergonomic they may be, or if it is covered in authentic leather, save your money by buying a cheaper chair that can last as long as the expensive one. Or another example, when buying office items like stationary, envelopes and folders, always buy in bulk. Everybody knows uying in bulk is so much cheaper and time-efficient. It saves you money, and saves you the time of having to run to the nearest convenience store and buy office supplies on retail price

Business owners and entrepreneurs are trying to find more ways to reign in spending and find ways to saving money with business to business coupons. It's a smart solution to combat huge costs. Successful business owners tap into their own resources or depend on their network of business partners to find anything they can take advantage of.

Saving through promotional deals is a nice way of reducing costs, and that's going to help you keep your business afloat in the long run. Featured promos include Printing for Less coupon codes and Overnight Printing online deals. Look into some of those online printing services that offer fast services and very low prices to save your business a lot of money.

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