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   Bake Me A Wish provides customized gourmet birthday cakes. Cakes this fine are only made from the best and freshest ingredients and prepared by experts to become beautifully decorated toothsome masterpieces of chocolate, or vanilla. These magnificent creations are baked in their award-winning New York City bakery, then packed in an elegant box and shipped overnight to any point in the US, along with a greeting card. The company guarantees that any cake you buy from them will arrive on the exact date you ask it to be delivered, and they are so confident in their ability to come through for you that they offer a money back guarantee should the cake fail to arrive.
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Save money while sharing the thrill and excitement of opening a beautiful box bearing an even more beautiful cake with your loved ones with the use of Bake Me A Wish promotional codes. Make sure you pick up a Bake Me a Wish coupon code to use before you choose the perfect cake so you can avail of special discounts made available only with Bake Me a Wish coupons.

Have Gourmet Cakes Delivered to Your Home with Bake Me A Wish Coupons

By LJ Ortega
November 15, 2009

My friends were able to enjoy some gourmet cakes I brought during a get-together dinner for Brian, who returned to California last week after spending two years in China. They all loved the cakes I brought and thought that I was the one who baked them. I didn't tell any of them that I didn't make the cakes and that I just ordered them online using some Bake Me A Wish coupon codes that offer the best deals on the freshest and most delectable gourmet cakes delivered right at my doorstep.

Brian had called me when he arrived and said that he missed our friends terribly. He asked if I could organize a get-together and promised to share all his adventures and misadventures in China. He finished his Masteral in Ancient Studies at Berkeley and part of his academic exposure was his training abroad.

Since I also missed Brian and knew that the rest of our group would love to see him again, I readily agreed to organize a small homecoming party for him. When I announced this to the rest of our friends, they were all very enthusiastic about the get-together party.

Esther offered to have the party at her place. As an art teacher, she offered to take care of the decorations for our small party. She said she could make lanterns out of colored construction paper to give her place an ancient feel

I helped Esther with the decorations and we bought the materials from a local art store. After several hours of folding, cutting, pasting, molding and more pasting, we made about a dozen cute lanterns. Esther also copied some Chinese good luck characters on the lanterns to make them look authentically Chinese and we hung them with yarns above the long table we prepared for the party.

That's why Esther was the one who was most surprised when I came to the party with the gourmet cakes. She asked me how I managed to have time to bake the cakes when I spent most of the day helping her with the decorations. I almost admitted to her that I only ordered the cakes using some Bake Me A Wish coupons, but in the end I decided not to disclose my secret.

What's important is that all of us had a great time at the party and they all loved the cakes and the rest of the food we served. My friends parted ways with me that night thinking that I was a great baker. They couldn't praise me enough for the sumptuous cakes I managed to bake for them. And each time they commended me for baking such great cakes, I couldn't help but smile to myself for playing a big one on them.

But I will eventually tell them I didn't bake those cakes. I'm also going to share with them my secret of using some Bake Me A Wish promo codes which I now they will all want to use also in ordering some gourmet cakes to possibly lure their family and friends into thinking that they are also great bakers.

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Contact Bake Me A Wish:

211 East 43rd
Suite 305
New York, NY 10017



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