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By LJ Ortega
October 27, 2009

I'm still trying to compromise a definite schedule with my high school friends for our Christmas get-together, which I've been trying to do way back in November last year. We know that we would all be busy at the approach of the holidays, and a glance at my calendar was enough for me to nag them about scheduling our Christmas party a month earlier. But I guess all my nagging will be in vain because instead of having our party a month earlier as I intended, it looks like we will be having it a month later instead.

I'm really bent on pushing through with this post-Christmas get-together with my high school friends because we only get to see each other yearly now. I know some of you would find it weird that I still keep close ties with high school buddies. To some people, high school is just a phase in their life they're glad they're over with, an awkward period they would like to forget altogether. But it is not so with me and my high school friends. High school was such a wonderful and memorable experience for us because it greatly contributed to the kind of friendship that we have vowed to keep for life. For me and my friends, at least, our high school experience defined what we are as individuals and taught us to choose the path we wanted to take in life.

Such is the bond I have with my high school friends that we still manage to keep in touch through the years. We may not call, e-mail or chat with each other as often as before, but we're always excited at the thought of meeting up every year and exchanging personal stories, gossiping about our old teachers and former classmates, and just simply hugging each other and seeing up close how much we've changed.

We're all particularly excited to meet up this year because Len just got married and Michelle has a new baby girl. Len's wedding last September was supposed to be a prelude to our reunion, but not all of us made it. Only Olive and I were able to travel together to San Francisco to attend Len's wedding at Park Hyatt San Francisco while Alfie arrived there a day early with his girlfriend, Marj. How we wished the rest of the gang were there to see for themselves how ecstatic Len was. I've never seen her so beautiful. She was the epitome of a woman in love that day. How her eyes sparkled every time she gazed lovingly at Josh!

Len uploaded her photos in her online album and sent us the link, and soon we were dominating the thread of comments in most of the posted photos. I still enjoy viewing the photos from time to time because I always get a kick out of the hilarious comments we made there. I particularly like the comments in our group shot where we were making the others envious for not being part of the photo. Carl even volunteered doing a Photoshopped version to include the others!

We are really one crazy bunch, and the laughter just never stops every time we're together. Our thread of comments in Len's wedding photos just made us more excited to get together again. This is why our post-Christmas get-together has to push through by hook or by crook. We just need to cite a date and force everyone to block it off for our much-awaited reunion.

I'm also securing some coupon codes for the best cocktail drinks that will surely make our party more lively and memorable. I hear that carries a wide array of mixed drinks that range from Blood Mary, Martini mixes, mojitos, pina coladas, hurricane mixes and many more.

The promotional codes give the best deals and the biggest discounts on this luscious line of drinks and I'm sure my friends will all be delighted with what I'll be choosing to serve for our upcoming party. They might even get some promo codes for themselves to save on drinks for their own parties.

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