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The Internet is full of irresistible baby goods and children products, and it does not come cheap. So, we came up with a list of baby coupons, baby promo codes, baby discount offers and toddler specials from top quality online baby & children stores.

Go ahead, indulge! Use the baby coupons that you will find here in our web site to shop for adorable baby accessories, cute toddler attire, and the latest in children’s fashion – maybe a kiddie bed, with matching bedding for your little Tom, or a nice crib for your upcoming baby girl, perhaps a baby carrier for your angelic niece. Whatever your choice may be, we have the baby coupons and baby promo codes and special offers, like free shipping, to help you save money from your online purchases.
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The importance of imaginative play in a child’s social, emotional, and intellectual development

By Marian Shepard
April 05, 2010

Kids love to play pretend. Junior might take a courier box and make it into his very own castle fortress, while little Elsie can spend hours and hours in her play house pretending to serve tea and cookies to her stuffed animals.

But did you know that allowing children to have time for pretend play is crucial to their development? Even though it doesn't look like they're doing much, children are actually preparing themselves for real life by exploring social roles, establishing norms for themselves, and repeating patterns that they observe in the daily course of their lives. They are not only imitating real life, they are preparing themselves for acquiring a skill that will be used later on in the real world.

It is also important for a child's social development to have play dates with other children. During these interactions, they learn how to take turns, how to share, and how to act and react within a social environment. This is important for children, especially those who aren't attending school yet. The social skills they obtain during playtime with their peers

How does a supportive parent actively encourage creative play? Well, for one thing, limiting a child's access to television is important. While "edutainment" is all the rage these days, it's very important for parents to put a cap on virtual learning and have their kids go out and play with real life items.

Computer games, while a source of great amusement and learning as well, should also be moderated, especially for younger children who will be benefited better from an hour or more of pretending to be a cashier in a store with boxes of "groceries" rather than actually playing one online.

Contrary to popular belief, it doesn't cost much at all to encourage your young ones to engage in imaginative play. While it's always a nice thing to have a completely set up child sized toy kitchen, it's not always required. Usually, a little creative spending does wonders. What's even better, a parent who knows what his child needs can always find the best online bargains and even online coupons for the items that he would like to have at home to promote more active play among the kids.

Simple craft supplies like paint, ribbon, paper, and cardboard boxes (you can even recycle your old boxes) can go a long way towards encouraging a child to create his or her own play space. You can even find great playthings in office supply stores like chalk, chalkboards, and colorful paper clips, magnets, construction paper, and all sorts of stickers.

Saving Money While Shopping for Baby Clothes

By Alexis Andrews
October 15, 2008

Most young parents have experienced the dilemma of shopping for baby clothes. It’s not an easy thing to do, after all. The process goes well beyond choosing blue for boy and pink for girl. One has to ask questions like: where do I shop? What should I look for? Is baby fashion supposed to be this expensive or are there more affordable options with which to dress up my child? Do retailers – most of whom make baby clothes shopping sound so complicated – offer discount coupons for their products? Fret no more, young parent. If you need advice and suggestions on shopping frugally and wisely for baby clothes, this article is for you.

1) Don’t buy too much. Come up with a budget, and impose controls on your shopping. Your child will grow up real quick anyway. There’s no need to please his or her vanity. Besides, family and friends are bound to donate clothes for your baby, too. Don’t succumb to the vast baby items that are available in your local department store or online, no matter how cute and can’t-miss they seem, because it’s not like your boy or girl is going to remain that size for a very long time.

2) Consider factors such as security and comfort for your baby. Usually, cotton is the best material, since it will feel soft and gentle and natural against a child’s skin. Outfits that mix cotton and polyester, while not as soft, might also work as they don’t tend to shrink once washed. The best option is to look for cotton clothes that are one size too big for your baby. To minimize hazards, avoid clothes that have cords, tight elastic bands, or buttons in them; you don’t want to wake up with Junior suddenly getting snarled into dangerous knots. And you also never know what your child is capable of choking on. If possible, also buy baby wear that is flame-retardant.

3) Clothing sizes differ from brand to brand. If you’re going to shop online, make sure that the clothes will actually fit your baby. That’s common sense. Visit trusted suppliers like Leaps and Bounds, Kid Surplus, and Baby Center Store for guidance and practical advice on shopping for your baby or child. Remember also to take advantage of the stores’ online deals; use Leaps and Bounds promotion codes, Kid Surplus promotional codes, and Baby Center coupon codes to save money on your baby clothes purchases.

4) Don’t rule out second-hand shops, online auctions, or consignment clothing stores. Contrary to what you may think, it is very practical to look for baby outfits that have been used before. It’s not like babies will wear out their clothes in the first place, because they outgrow what they wear so quickly. Thus, most second-hand clothing for young babies, toddlers, and children are still almost in brand new condition. You’ll even be surprised to find how many designer brands you’ll find at the charity or second-hand shop; some will even have tags on them. If you still want to buy new baby clothing while trying to save a fortune, remember at least to use discount coupons.

Discount Coupons for a Full-Time Mother

By Alexis Andrews
September 19, 2008

It’s tough to raise babies and children. Really. Having given birth to three beautiful kids in the course of the past five years, I have come to realize that parenting is no joke, that it’s effectively a full-time job. It feels like so, although of course I am not getting paid any salary for doing it. On the contrary, my personal and household expenses have skyrocketed. Without discount coupons, I wouldn’t know how I’d be able to survive – financially, that is – as a mother.

If I am not breastfeeding, I am looking up the deals being offered at the Baby Center Store, an online destination and resource for parents of children ages two to eight. That is actually where I had bought strollers for when my babies turned to toddlers. That is also where I shopped for clothes, toys, nurseries, and other essentials. I remember being surprised at how many brands for babies and children they carried: Britax, Carter’s, Da Vinci by Million Dollar Baby, Fisher-Price, and Medela, among others. Of course, before I ever made a purchase of anything, I joined the website’s parent community, where I found mothers who used to be in the same situation as I am, and who then offered a kind of web-based support system. On chat rooms and forums, I have asked them questions such as: what do I do when they refuse to drink my milk? How can I convince my husband that it’s necessary for him to learn how to change a diaper? It’s fantastic, really; now we young parents all share tips, advice, and discount coupons.

I have also found another useful parenting resource in Leaps and Bounds. This is a company that encourages a child’s development and offers plenty of affordable toys, educational tools, and activities. Of course, while I want my kids to have fun, I also want them to think, create, learn, and grow at a proper pace; products such as the Gardena Gardening Trolley, the Personalized Art Smock, Giant Building Blocks, and Gears Building Set – all of which I bought at the aforementioned website at a great price – enable my kids to learn many skills even while at play. (The only problem is that these toys can make a big mess of our living room. Maybe I ought to hire a new housekeeper!)

Anyway, as the years go by, I know that my children will grow bigger, have evolving needs, become more complex. This is something for which I am trying to prepare. How, you ask. Well, thanks to the Internet, I have been able to surf for terrific magazine titles that offer specialized content for parents. Without having to leave my computer desk, I have purchased year-long subscriptions to parenting and family magazines such as Family Fun, Parent and Child, Good Housekeeping, Mother Verse, and American Baby. This didn’t necessarily cost me much, since I used – you guessed it – discount coupons searched on the Internet. It’s a thrill to realize that I can save big even as my children’s needs sometimes become overwhelming. Well, not as big a thrill as my full-time motherhood job.

Coupon Codes for Your Baby Needs

By Alexis Andrews
August 30, 2008

It is a go figure war on budgeting your baby’s basic needs like milk, diapers, and so on and so forth. Consider our help in giving you the points to consider to save some money. Right now we are heading towards an economic crunch and people have to save for the coming rainy days.

Count the milk cans that your baby had used. One, two, three, four, and it takes a lot of counting to do so. The total for even a week is enough to make your head spin for disbelief. Right now, ask yourself about using online baby codes, can they help you? Sure, they do if you will also try them. There is no need to be skeptic, try to join with your friend at the store to shop for groceries. Buy the same things as your friend do. Then use a lot of shopping codes when it is your turn at the counter, see for yourself what a big difference coupon codes do to your total sum and your friend’s groceries.

It seems you are still a little skeptic of using these special codes. Let us look closer to our common household goods. Try to look at your baby formulas that your baby used up or consume in a matter of weeks or months, they amount a fortune if you don’t use promo codes. You will actually be saving money from them if you only believe.

It is a silly idea when someone uses coupon codes but the times have changed this notion. We have to make a paradigm shift of what is the truth and what is false. Bear in mind that more than we realize. There is breakfast, lunch, dinner, and possibly some baby cereal before bedtime. Babies have nothing to do but always eat and eat and eat.

Hence, you also have to save for the worst. We can get a handsome price to our own liking if we are able to buy these things such as baby clothes, maternity dresses, and many more. For your information let there be an open mind on subjects like coupon codes, because saving is now the real thing and the saving grace.

The economy is unpredictable, banks going bankrupt, oil prices are fluctuating, and etc. Your friends, family members, relatives, and mates are aghast on these issues. To tell you, can you change the tide? Can you escape?

The answers are, NO, you can’t turn the tide because it’s a normal economic cycle. And you have to ask yourself about how to manage the inflation problems. I need to park my pen, the answer is so simple, believe in


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