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Choose Air Filters Wisely and Save Mileage On Your Car

By Alexis Andrews
November 11, 2008

If you have not been paying attention to the air filter of your car, then start now. Do you know that vehicles need fresh air filters every 30,000 miles? If it gets dirty and clogged and congested with debris such as dust, dirt, leaves, and other wayward elements, you are risking damage to your engine (it might not suck enough air into the combustion), and you may easily lose power and potential mileage on your car. So start taking care of your air filter; inspect it, then clean it, maintain it properly, or replace it with a new one. AutoAnything, America’s most trusted online retailer of automotive accessories, has an impressive range of high-quality air filters and air intake systems (not to mention money-saving AutoAnything coupon codes) to boost engine performance and increase your car’s fuel economy.

But what are the steps that you should take when replacing the air filter of your car? It may sound complicated, especially if you are not a very good mechanic, but really it’s a do-it-yourself process. There is no need to spend extra money on hiring other people’s services.

First, you have got to inspect your air filter at least every six months. Don’t neglect it. After all, problems that motorists and car drivers encounter usually have something to do with an unchecked and a congested air filter. If you are driving a car with a diesel air intake, then check the service indicator.

Have your manuals and tools ready. A car engine will have all sorts of clamps, clips, nuts, bolts, fasteners, and hoses on it, and they vary according to your car’s make, so be sure to consult the owner’s manual if you are trying to maintain, repair, or replace automotive parts. Before removing the air filter, make sure you remember its exact position, so that replacing it won’t have you in a quandary. Also, it is important to arm yourself with the proper set of tools and supplies, be it a Philips or a flat or some other kind of screwdriver. Do not substitute one with the other, though, because you don’t want to risk further damage.

Conduct your research first before buying a new air filter or air intake system. There are plenty of sources and retailers online, but the best automotive deals and coupon codes are usually found in AutoAnything. The web-based store offers air filters, pre-filters, cleaning kits, air flow sensors, air intake systems, and other similar equipment from trusted and leading brands like AEM, Airaid, Banks, BD Diesel Performance, Edelbrock, Edge, Jet, K&N, Pacesetter Exhaust, Quadzilla and S&B, all of which are designed to revitalize your air filter system for optimal air flow and maximum engine performance. Don’t worry about shipping and handling – they all come for free, with on-time delivery, easy return policies, and top-notch customer support. Of course, there are AutoAnything coupon codes which you can paste on your purchase before checking out. That way, you can breathe easy – and so can your car.



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